To hell with ranked match making for the rest of S9

I go on one good win streak about to reach the placements for gold 3. What does the game do? 4 games, 4 games in a row where I had someone straight up admit they were going to int, afk, join the lobby and tell someone either they dodge or they will afk, and one where mid jg and top some how fed 9 kills to anivia and tryn in under 10 minutes before coming botlane and feeding the enemy another 2-3 kills which let us get dove. Like does this game just see someone doing well and decide "welp, time fuck this guy over and give him a bunch of 30% winrate players and trolls"? Been like this alot lately and at this point I am too damn frustrated to keep queueing up for ranked and hoping that I actually get a team who are at least trying.
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