Promos are rigged. Match making is terrible

Just got out of my silver 3 promos and lost. Teams were extremely unbalanced. Enemy team had win rates between 40-60%. My ADC had 48% win rate, Top 45% and my "support"(troll teemo) had a 29% win rate and my mid had 29% win rate. How the fuck is this fair? This whole system is not fucking fair. Nearly every game I'm one of the only people on my team performing at least decently. Everyone else except maybe one other laner feeds. How am I supposd to correct my mmr with these teams? I get 15 lp win 20lp loss. It doesn't matter how hard I try I just get the worst teams of all fucking time. I'm not the best player in the world I know I'm silver but shit. I shouldn't be queuing up as jungle and having all my laners go 0/4 before im even done my first clear. Most of my games lately are auto losses. There's no way to carry teams hard inting as frequently as they do in my games. No way to fucking climb. It's not fair.
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