I wish Ryze would gain his shield back on his rune functionality

With all the nerfs to Ryze a few patches ago, he is really hard to play against most champions now because he doesn't get his shield when he cast a rune and his damage was nerfed hella hard. I don't mind the damage nerf overall, but I wish Riot would've just nerfed his damage and kept his shield to help at least lane and trade. Now his trading patterns are E > W > Q and run or if they're dumb enough to sit in the wave you just E > Q the wave and have the Q bounce to them. Counter matchups for Ryze (which nowadays feels like every matchup) are now even harder since he's a small to mid-ranged mage without his shield to block some damage who does way less damage also since his flux damage is now every R upgrade versus every E upgrade. I just want them to bring back his shield functionality and maybe give us the old E rune functionality also where E spread to nearby targets if flux was already on your initial target and the damaged nearby targets also. Right now his wave clear is alright, but I just prefer the old system.

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