The State of Gameplay

C'mon Riot. I know you want diversity, but wth is going on? There is no point whatsoever in playing conventional champs anywhere anymore. ADCs can go anywhere including the jungle and still whoop ass. Supports can go mid lane and ADC and still whoop ass. Mid lane mages can go top or bot and outperform every other champ while making the game unplayable for everyone else. Before, the only champs you could play in the top lane were bruisers, ranged pokers, or tanks. Mid lane had the mages and assassins. Jungle was basically anything except mages and ADCs with the exception of Ekko, Kindred, and Graves. Bot lane was your classic marksmen and support. The reason it was like this? Because if you picked anything other than those champs, you got dunked on. There's too much diversity. You might as well remove roles altogether since they no longer exist. Mages are still overpowered being played everywhere without losing anything since they still end up dealing the same amount of damage in every lane and not just the mid lane. You can't even ADC anymore. Supports and mages are just dunking on every champ except maybe assassins. They still have Zhonyas so assassins don't do as much as you think. Supports can just sit in lane jacking off, have no cs, no items, and still have enough damage to kill you. Like does CS mean anything anymore? Supports should not be as menacing and a threat as they are now. The shutdown gold system is trash. You're punishing players for being mechanically better than their opponents and excusing players for playing bad. Even if it exists for an enemy teammate who is trying but has to deal with a fed player, all it does is makes the fed player weaker and the weak player stronger. All I get from getting kills over and over is more gold. I shouldn't get extra damage. The gold alone is good enough to give me an item advantage, but I also get an enemy off the field to do whatever I need to do. You're essentially giving another player more rewards for killing me while giving me no rewards for killing them. While I'm at it, I'd like to address the fact that getting less gold per bounty kill is stupid. The enemy still has a chance at killing me. The enemy still has teammates to help them. A death is a death. I shouldn't earn less gold because they weren't good enough to not feed and sure shouldn't have to spawn later than them simply because I mechanically played better than the enemy. CC has become too much of a problem. Just about every champ reworked, revamped, buffed, or new has multiple CC options whether it's a slow or root/stun. When you get a whole team full of it, the game is just unplayable. But while you're not able to do anything being CC'd, they can just dump damage on you in half the time you're CC'd and still kill you. I got champions dealing 2000 damage in 2 seconds. Teams can deal 4000+ damage in 5 seconds. At what point is the damage just gonna be nerfed all across the board? Matchmaking still sucks. You can lose a game because of you're teammates. Your win rate/lose rate does not represent you. Why is win rate still being implemented and enforced, especially in solo Q? I can average about or A or A+ in my roles and get paired with teammates who averages a C or C+ having the role of "carry" placed upon me. I've been in multiple games above my rank with a duo partner and still outperformed my opponent and still ended up losing because two or three of my teammates whom I have no control in helping or influence them feed turning the game into a 2 v 8. "W/L" is the most efficient method." Yeah and early Europeans thought Monarchy was the most efficient method for ages until Democracy was practiced.

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