Every game in Season 9 is a 10k gold lead stomp and they're all so absurdly boring.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Everyone on your team or the enemy's goes 0-3 or 0-4 within the first 10-15 minutes. The game is completely over but you have to sit there for another 10-15 minutes to finish it out. These games are all so brain-destroyingly boring because there's no competition. Either your team hard ints and loses the game 5 minutes into lane or the enemy's team does. When you're on the losing side, it's boring because there's nothing you can do but wait for the next 10 minutes for the game to end because someone on your team is trolling and refuses to just go next. Winning is equally as boring because there's no skill expression involved. Who are you killing over and over again, the 0-7 Janna while you're 14-3? Wow, you did so much damage, it's almost like you're 2 items up. Woah. Mind blowing. Can we end already? No? We're still farming and the game is 27-6 in our favor, but we're still playing like it's laning phase? Let's just grab baron and end the game before 20. I'm sitting at a 80% winrate on Shaco through silver and I've barely done anything to get those wins. The games were all over well before I was even a factor and that doesn't feel good. Same with the losing games. The jungler and top lane are 0-3 before 8 minutes and now we just have to wait to get tower dove 3 times in a row by the 6-0 J4. Fun. I just want games to be competitive and interesting, but this hyper-snowball meta just causes every game to be over before it even begins, but I still have to sit in the game for 15 minutes wondering when the stomping team will finally realize they're so far ahead they can just run down mid and end. I can't be going crazy here. This can't be some statistical anomaly where the last 100 games of League I've played on all different accounts between silver and plat were just randomly all hard stomped with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 notably fun games in that entire span. Mostly, I think aside from the hyper-snowball metagame right now, we're in a game where 1 single player can completely ruin the game for 4 skilled players, even if those 4 skilled players are better than their 5 enemies. With 1 person who does poorly on your team, they can ruin the entire game for everyone involved. Really just wish I could play the game, honestly.
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