League is actually trash now

I dont understand how someone false reporting me gets my account suspended. My hecarim literately runs down my lane steals 7 waves from me and smites cannon minions Q's whole wave and give my top laner a kill. Then after he spams me with pings and starts abusing me in chat. Then after he afks at base and just waits and still talks trash. Then after that Riot has the nerve to suspend me for doing nothing? Just cause I got a false report from 1 player which i did nothing. I got suspended. Riot you're really messing it up with people who want to play your game. I've been playing since Season 2 and still been on playing rank and everything because I enjoyed your game. Now its fucking turning into a shit show. Step your game up and actually do some research or fix something cause it just doesn't make any sense. Don't even want to play this game anymore. Riot does absolute nothing
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