I seriously wish this player got punished but i doubt they will

My last game where I got kalista in aram, this warwick was so toxic. He literally got mad because blitz bought that mask ap magic resist item so he decided to just sit in base and type in all chat to look at blitz build and he gives up this is gg. Literally lost us the match because this warwick was so mad about builds, he gave up and put no effort into playing. It's fucking aram dude. It dont even fucking matter what the blitz builds, if he lands a hook then thats already good enough. The warwick was talking as if it was fucking ranked. Fyi, we were actually winning until warwick became a 5 year old cry baby who sat at base not helping us on purpose and making it a 4v5. Then he proceeds to say we all suck and we lost cuz blitz build the fucking mask item. Cmon bro. You're fucking bronze 1. You fucking suck. Why you keep thinking you are good and that everyone needs to play on point in a fucking aram game? I'm fucking better than you and you dont see me calling you shit or sitting at base not helping. Fuck, these people ruin games. I reported him but i doubt he will get in trouble off 1 report like me. But what he did and said is good enough to get a permaban.
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