Patch 9.22

For the Ashe nerf W mana cost increased to 70? Like there was nothing else that could have been with her? Not her insane DPS damage? not her disgusting passive that makes you immovable and easily killable at level 1? Nothing else besides her W mana cost? So now she can use W 3 times instead of 5? Can we get a Malphite rework instead of a nerf? Even though he needed it to his ult, he's still a "do nothing til level 6 and then be oppressive in teamfights" champ. Blitzcrank needs a rework too. He literally does nothing all game until he lands one hook, which like Thresh, has a stupid hitbox, and you're dead if you don't have flash. He bans Morgana and he has nothing to counter him except Sivir. Even tanks early on are pretty squishy so grabbing the tank support is completely okay. His Q damage isn't even as much of a problem as his Q range increase that pulls you over walls. Nerf that. Don't make a 10 dmg difference to an ability he only uses once in a skirmish. Garen is not nerfed? Like how? He's been dominating League since his rework in 9.20. Pro players to Low players have been saying he's overpowered How does he miss two patches? He's dominating League across more than half the tiers and just overall disgusting with his rework. Katarina was nerfed patch 9.21 but she's still dealing a ton of damage along with Akali. Let me further elaborate: Can go 0/3 in lane against champ who's 3/0 and still one shot them even when they're behind in cs, damage, and xp. Trust me, I've seen it firsthand multiple times. No Renekton nerfs? No Fizz nerfs? Heimerdinger? Shaco? Swain? Amumu? I get Senna is supposed to be the "real" highlight of patch 9.22, but come on. Enough with the 5 champ nerf patches where half the champs that aren't dominating League. There are a lot of champs that need more attention than a handful of champs and a lot of champs that have broken mechanics/abilities. Give us a big nerf patch addressing at least a good number of champs. I mean out of 100+ champs, you mean to tell me only 10 champions deserve attention? I just hope patch 9.23 addresses more prominent champs making the game unenjoyable or unplayable.

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