Mindless ranting about the gaming industry and Borderlands 3

In case you haven't heard, Borderlands 3 might become a timed-exclusive on the EPIC store. I'm sure Randy Pitchford wont fuck the console players at all, but it sure is sad for PC players. I don't hate the EPIC game store, but I do have some gripes with it. Like how can they release a new game store platform without essential features that a polished game store would have? Shit like not having a search bar or a wishlist function is amazing. I have to remind myself that when Steam was released, it was a big steaming pile of shit, no doubt about that. But it's still odd how Steam has been a major go-to online store for so long and saw drastic improvements over the years and EPIC still brings out a 'new contender' to the PC gaming market in such a way that they didnt learn anything from Valve. After all that, I'm not gonna call for game companies to not invest in the EPIC store. I like that there is something else that is trying to standup to the big monopoly called Steam. With Steam being so successful it seems to be complacent with its position as King in the PC gaming market. At the very least once EPIC gather its bearings, Valve will have to step up and it will inspire competition for a better overall service. It definitely sucks right now, but hopefully in the future it will be good. With that being said, I don't think having a game being an exclusive to a certain platform is anti-consumer. It brings about competition between different big publishers and developers and we see great games such as the Uncharted series on the PS, LOZ:BOTW on the Switch and even Gears of War games on the Xbox One. Consumers win big time for game releases like these. Timed exclusives, on the other hand, is such a shitty practice for the game industry. You essentially wait like 6-8 months for a game to be released on other platforms. Due to this shit, I can see a possibility that Borderlands 3 is gonna get hugely review-bombed on Metacritic and other review sites.
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