Academy RP Discord Server, with Tabletop Gameplay included.

Um, hello! I'm awkward, and this is a project I've been working on for a while now! Title should say it all, but I'll go into detail. **It's a Discord Server meant for Roleplaying in a RWBY-esqe Academy environment who go on missions to solve problems** So, uh, I don't want to flood this with words, so I'll sum everything up quickly. You are a Student in The Rune Academy, a school made through the combined efforts of all the Nations of Runeterra. The Academy is meant to help channel destructive energies into good stuff. As such, the students go on missions to help the world from the bad stuff. * The main difference, is those "missions" are not just RP. It's actual Tabletop gameplay similar to that of DnD, in which these missions take place. These missions you'll play with your own Champion, whose Kit is modified to work in said environment (Aka, A lot of work for me). I'll talk about details if you want me too, but the rules and mechanics are on the Discord. * I do feel the need to inform you of some restrictions. While no champions are specifically *banned*, there are a few, per say, restricted champions. They're restricted based on power levels (looking at you {{champion:136}}), general abnormality, or kits too complicated to work into a Table Top Format ({{champion:74}}). Now, they aren't banned, but you will need to make some very specific modifications to who they are, and what they do. It may also take a while to make their kit as well. That said, almost every champion is available as what they are. Vel'koz is still a tentacle, Cho'Gath is a monster, and Noct is still spooky. Teachers are once again, subject to this type of rule. To avoid "Never Online to Teach" situations, I heavily prefer that you choose to be a Student or Faculty, as there is a list of "Teachers" that ***anyone*** can choose to be to Teach a class, but you'll still have a student persona. This is one of the most tentative rules, and I'm highly likely to change this one depending on people. For those interested, just leave a comment, and I'll hit you with an Invite I guess? Here's the list for none-taken champs. If ya feel like joining, just ask.
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