It's Time -You- Listen Riot:

I'm going to make this as fair to both sides as possible: We don't like the Community Beta. No seriously. Look at ANY post about it not made by staff posters. I don't think I have literally seen another that has been positive. Some have been neutral I think? A large, large majority of the player base flat out DOES NOT like this. However, it's unfair to say there is nothing to be gained from the hard work and effort put here. Just learn from the mistakes. -1. Learn from the mistakes on the forums. NO ONE, and I do mean -NO ONE-, likes the forum mods there. AT ALL. This account is actually banned on the forums, and you know why? I asked GD how their day was. Just like Xelnath, a Rioter. A forum mod closed the thread, and I later made a thread asking about it. That was closed. And I was permabanned. The forum mods commonly move threads to places they do not belong, they ban people who do not deserve it, and do not ban people who do. I have proof if it needs to be seen. I understand -some- of the logic. If there are flat out forum rules enforced, people can toy around with them, yada yada, disputes and such, I get it. I've heard why Rioters have unofficially said why there are no rules. Now let's look at other forums. Smogon, for Pokemon. Absolutely no trolls. Threads are serious business. Rules are posted, in place, enforced. However, there is less fun there, so I wouldn't encourage that model. World of Warcraft. People have harmless fun in the harmless fun sections, otherwise, they are serious. There are forum rules, and they are enforced. The mods are very clear about what is allowed. Don't say you don't follow this game, you hired Ghostcrawler, and several other designers from WoW. There are others too. Now let's look here. People make troll threads, p0rn threads, etc. And some are caught immediately, some aren't. Meanwhile some make legitimate threads and get punished. The biggest issue is that the mods are not clear about it. They don't post why ("You broke the Summoner's Code"... Okay...), they don't say WHY a thread is closed or locked, and they don't say why someone is banned. Just. Own. Up to it. It is FLAWED. -2. Learn from the mistakes of the Beta. People mainly hate one thing here: The "popularity rule". The community as a whole has a very rational fear that popular posts will get the top, and everything else won't see the light of day. True or not, this is a very realistic fear. This needs to be addressed. You absolutely cannot fight this, because this is how we feel-- it doesn't matter how you feel, because quite frankly, you cater to us. And our feelings matter more, because we're the ones with the money, and we're the ones you make this game for. --- I'm sorry if this comes off harsh, but quite frankly it has to be. Your forum mods are TERRIBLE. But the rest of the forums are fine, except the no avatars/signatures, and the crashes that happen too much. And this Beta is too popularity-driven. On top of this, people also find it confusing, often enough. Make it easier to read, maybe make a section that's a welcome one, for new users. And better yet, why don't you go back onto YOUR forums, and ask US what you can do better with the Beta. Don't listen to the "delete it" posts, but SERIOUSLY take in what we say. ASK. US. Not you. Us. (Post-statement, also, the Beta "updates" section is nice, something like this with notes in it could be nice for moderation, for the staff to notify a poster of why a thread was moved, deleted, closed, etc). --- I understand you do not like GD. Funny thing, most of GD has a love-hate relationship. But believe it or not, you can fix it. But you need to quite this piece of sh** superiority complex, and actually listen to us. This may sound demanding, but face it: Your customers aren't happy. Look at your posts about it. Downvoted to oblivion. That says something. Now. Please. From someone who actually cares about the Forums, the direction the Beta is going, and Riot Games (no seriously, I do love you guys, you're just going the wrong direction here), please get back on those "toxic" forums, and talk with us. Thank you.
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