Try to make the champ with the most mobility in the game and he has to be " Fair and balanced"

Hello everyone, what about a little challenge ? You know there is a lot of champs with mobility spells. There is a lot of things that count as mobility : You have MS boost like Quinn, Hecarim or Rammus, you have dashes, you also have short TP like Ezreal or Katarina and Leblanc W and you also have jumps like Zac or Fizz E who make him untargetable. You have reset dashes like Irelia or Yasuo, double dash like Camille and you even have dash + tp with Ekko E. Now, what about a champ that combine : Dash, TP and MS boosts ? I want to make a champ who is faster at running than Rammus under his Q, than Hecarim and Quinn but i also want a champ that has dashes with reset and small TP but with a reset mecanic too. He would also need to have an untargetable ability like Fizz to make him more mobile. I know you must be like "but it's going to be OP !!!". You aren't wrong, if an assassin could have TP + dashes with reset + untargetable + big MS boost (bigger than Quinn and Rammus) and big damage, he would be absolutely nuts. But in this case, he would not be an assassin because you can't balance an assassin kit with that much mobility. He would need to be a secondary role, a role that don't have many dmg like support. Since he would be the most mobile champ on league of legends, he would need to be one of the squishiest champ with Sona and Yuumi and he would need to have low damage and compensate with his mobility and utility. So here's my champ : He would be from Piltover wearing special boots who helps him to be the fastest champ on the league. I will name him "Henry". He would be a "mind control champ" with an unique ultimate giving him the possibility to control the enemy champ for some seconds. Henry would be a mage, controlling "mind magic", knowing how to manipulate others to get what he wants because he can control their memories. His base MS would be 400. His base Hp would be 425 + 60 per level (1445 at lvl 18) He would be a ranged champ on his auto attacks. **Passive : Swiftness** Everytime Henry is hit by an enemy, everytime he uses a spell or an auto attack or every 6s (if he don't get attacked or don't attack or use a spell), he gains 100/130/160/190% + (1% per 10 AP) MS for 2s. This passive will allow Henry to be faster than Rammus, Hecarim and Quinn on MS boosts. Since he is squishy, he will need to have his passive everytime and his whole gameplay will be around this passive. With his mobility, he will need to execute some figures in his gameplay. **A : Memory link** Dash : Like Vayne tumble. Range : 500 (it's a skillshoot who stop at the first enemy hit). Henry dash on the left or on the right (depending on the mouse cursor) ad he throws a memory strip in front of him that link him to the first enemy hit. The enemy is slowed by 5% but he don't take dmg. The link can last 6s max and Henry is supposed to revolve around the enemy to "mummify" him in his memory straps. You know the "mummy", they have stips and Henry would do this with his target. He would wrap his target in his memory strip by resolving around her. So he has to do circles around his target and that why he would need to have a great MS boost. And of course, he would need to resolve around the target in the same direction ! So he started to circle by left to right, he must finish his circle by left to right. If he go in the other direction, the spell don't work. There are 3 circles you can do around your target : **The first one increase the slow of your target to 20%. The second one increase the slow to 60% The last one is the final step and it's will stun the target for 1,5s and deal 50/75/100/125/150 + 50% of AP magic damage. ** The link break if there is more than 750ua beetween Henry and his target. **Walls are counter to this spell. Remember "Fiora ulti", you know if you are next to a wall, she can't hit her last weak point because you are standing near to the wall. Henry works the same ! If your target is sitting near a wall, you won't be able to make circles around her. ** CD : 12/11/10/9/8s Mana cost : 30/35/40/45/50 **W : Flexibility** This spell is a combination of Qiyana W and Akali R dashes with the last dash being like the second part of Leblanc dash but ofc, with way less dmg. Henry have 8 dash on this spells. 4 Qiyana W and 3 Akali R and the last is the second part of LB dash (TP part where she comeback to her mark). Henry alternates Qiyana W and Akali R dashes. First dash : A Qiyana W (same range) and leave a mark on the ground who can last 8s. Second dash : An Akali R (same range) Third dash : A Qiyana W Fourth dash : Akali R Fifth : Qiyana W Sixth : Akali R Seventh : Qiyana W Eighth : Leblanc W (Return to the mark). Usable only if the mark is still here. That mean you have to do all this dashes before 8s to get back to the mark. Once Henry use the first dash, he has 2s to do another dash, then 2s to do the next one. If he don't dash every 2s or less, this spell is canceled and enter into CD. The dashs don't deal damage but they have some helpful things for Henry. Not only it's will help him to place his Q and circle around his opponent but it's will make him very safe. Qiyana dashes makes Henry untargetable like Fizz E while he is dashing. Akali dashes gives a small shield to teammates : 30/45/60/75/90 + 10% of AP and the shield last for 1,5s. The shield can be refreshed if a teammates are hit many times by Henry akali dash. If it's hit enemy, it's will deal a very small damage of 30/45/60/75/90 + 10% AP. You see, not big dmg but a big mobility which is what Henry is focused on. CD : 10/9,5/9/8,5/8s after the last dash Mana cost : 60/65/70/75/80 (not per dash, it's for the whole spell). **E : Memory dance** This spell is a Katarina shunpo mixed with a Tryndamere dash and a Camille hookshoot and camille wall dive . **First part :** Henry TP next to an ally or an enemy. If it's an ally, he heal him for 30/45/60/75/90 + 15% AP. If it's an enemy, Henry is untargetable for 1s. Henry has 2s to activate the second part like on his W. **Second part :** Henry make a Tryndamere dash in a direction. Every Ally hit by Henri gains 10/12/14/16/18% movespeed for 3s and every enemy hit is slowed by 10/12/14/16/18% for 1,5s. Henry has 4s to activate the last part after this dash. **Third part :** Henry throws memomry strips in a direction like Camile hookshoot and if it's hit a wall, Henry will dash toward the wall and bind to the terrain for 0,75s. Then, Henry can dash a direction and if he hit an enemy champ, he will stun him for 0,75s and he will deal 60/80/100/120/140 + 30% AP magic damage. CD: 14/13,5/13/12,5/12s Mana cost : 50 (for the whole spell). **R : Mind stealer** **Passive :** Every circle of Henry Q and every damage spells (Akali W dashes) and Camille wall dive dash apply a stack of "Mindstealer". An enemy champ can have 6 max stacks. Auto attacks give 1/2 stack. **Active :** Henry can only use his ultimate on a target who is fully stacked by "Mindstealer". Henry enter on his target body and he is able to control the champ for 4/4,5/5s. He can use the enemy champ spells, make him move everywhere he wants but he can't use ultimates abilities and summoner spells like ignite. Spells don't cost mana or energy when Henry use it on his opponent body and their CD are reset. After these 4/4,5/5s, he get out of the body of his target or before if the target is killed before. **CD : 160/140/120s Mana cost : 100** So what do you think guys ? This champ has the most mobility with 7 dashes on W + a TP, a big MS passive boost and 1 TP on E + 3 dashes. **Total : ** 10 dashes 2 TP MS boost Untargetable stuff Heal Shield CC (slow, stun) Bodycontrol (a new form of CC) Small damage It's may look like OP but the fact that he is squishy and the dmg is small make him fair compared to Pyke. His ratios are fair. Ofc he will be annoying to play vs but i think he would be the funniest champ of League of Legends.
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