[CONTEST/RAFFLE for Sona Emote!] C&C's Odyssey of Art

#EDIT 2: ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON! #MAJOR EDIT: EMOTES ARE NA ONLY DUE TO REGION LOCK. WE'RE EXTREMELY SORRY FOR THIS. :( #What is it? Riot Games has given us a few of the Sona Emotes to give away to the fine people of C&C! What's the fun in giving the posts away though? Instead, we're going to have a contest for our amazing artists, writers, champion designers and more to create something for Odyssey! #How does it works? You have until **OCTOBER 1ST AT 11:59 PM PST** to submit your creations! You can either link them in a comment on this post _or_ you can link your Odyssey post in the comments below. And...that's it! Just make some awesome content to put to the contest! #Wait so then how do I win? Just MS Paint to victory? Not quite. Myself, Djinn and Echoing will be acting as judges to pick out two winners each who we think rock on above all others. They're given an assured emote and recognition for their amazing art, writing or otherwise! Those that don't win the initial contest: There's still hope! Just like how Onslaught mode gives you an additional chance, we'll be raffling away the remaining emotes to players who submit! Make the best you can to avoid the lottery though! #WAIT I HAVE A QUESTION!! Post it in the comments! You have two weeks to design your entry so get to it and god speed, Morningstar Cadet!
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