Star Guardian 2019 predictions!

The Star Guardian skins are some of my favourites in League and I thought it might be fun to speculate who could be getting them this year! We know Star Guardians come in groups of 5 and they are typically humanoid champions. I think it's likely we'll get the skins within the next 5 patches, so champs who have recently received skins can be ruled out, such as Karma, Caitlyn and Qiyana. As of now, Star Guardians are mostly female, but there a few male champions who I wouldn't be surprised to see. So, who do I think are our best bets for the Star Guardians? 1. Taliyah - this one is obvious really, aside from an esports skin she's received nothing since her release. Her upbeat personality and her being cute is exactly what the SG line is all about. 2. Annie - she hasn't had a skin for a little while and she fits into the theme pretty easily. 3. Sona - at first I wasn't sure since Odyssey doesn't seem like that long ago, but seeing as Yasuo is getting arcade in the next patch I'd say SG Sona is very likely. 4. Zoe - this skin pretty much makes itself. 5. Kayle - recently reworked so now is much more likely to receive skins, also fits into the theme very well. They're the 5 who I think are most likely going to be this year's Star Guardians, but others I think could be possible are: -Ashe -Taric -Xayah & Rakan -Neeko -Urgot (it wouldn't surprise me tbh) So yeah, they're my predictions. Who would you like to see as the new Star Guardians?
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