C.O.D. meets L.O.L Prisoner #627

( if it ever came to be the pros can work out the math for balance, this just gives an idea of how I think it should work relatively) C.O.D. meets L.O.L Name- Prisoner #627, The Noxian Outcast Ranged *Cannot crit - instead " Wounds," producing a d.o.t effect that is equal to the bonus damage from critting First item slot used to select a loadout ( can select new loadout while waiting to respawn death but leveling of loadout is reset with new loadout) can select from a pistol, machine gun, or rifle Pistol- low range ,damage (80% ad)(scales upon leveling( S.U.L.), 15 shots before a channeled reload of .5 seconds increases " Wound"chance increased by 10% ( S.U.L.)+10% A.S. ( S.U.L.) Machine Gun-medium range-continuous fire- strafe movement+30% A.S.(S.U.L.)-wide area of effect - low damage on a single target 30% of ad)" Wound" chance increases 10 % (S.U.L.)-+5% "wound" chance-1000 shots before a 3 second channel reload-reduced movement speed to 60% Rifle- high range-A.S. reduced to 40%(S.U.L.)-130% ad +30%" Wound" chance(S.U.L.)-6 shots before a 1 sec channel reload- grants extended vision - doubles "Wound "chance if outside enemies vision) Passive- Battle Tested-getting below 15% health and surviving grants +1 ad +10 health +1% crit ( buff is applied when health reaches 90 %) (buffs are permanent) falling below 15% health grants enemy vision of #627 for 3 seconds Q- shockcharge- quickly places a charge that stuns enemy for 1.5 seconds adds a crack stack that does not reset until enemy dies Crack stacks reduce enemies armor by 2 and continue to stack until death W-Claymore- after channeling for 2 seconds places a claymore with infrared beams on the front, enemies sensed by the beams cause it to explode doing massive physical damage in a radius around claymore 130 % of ad initialy and an additional 20 % d.o.t. for 3 seconds E-Noob Tube- fires a grenade launcher dealing substantial ( 80% of ad) physical damage in a small radius ( has a minimum range and a substantial maximum range) does half damage to turrets and siege minions and armor over 150 doubles in effectiveness against this ability R- Lightning Strike- has 5 second to select coordinates on mini map where to deploy 3 satellite controlled laser shots dealing 300( scales) + 50 % ad in physical damage to enemies in the vicinity of the strike zone Lore- Before the Noxian invasion, as an extra measure of insurance, Boram reached out to the leaders of distand lands requesting aid in the expansion of the noxus empire.In the interest of having allies all over the world, an emerging military powerhouse sent a small detachment of experimental soldiers to Noxus. TreyWard had been experiment on POW's, trying to develope a super soldier.Wanting to give a real world test but, not wanting to take the risk themselves , these are the soldiers they sent. Prisoner #627 was a combat vet gone crazy prior to the experiments. A soldier fighting to disarm terrorists, exposed to nerve gases, torture. life in the wild and now a lab-rat, had seen everything. A survivalist to the extreme, he began to thrive on the challenge. Everytime his life was in true danger, he learned and adapted. An expert in arms and combat strategies and a little off the radar upstairs. He was a perfect leader for this oddball elite team of commandos. Upon arrival he instantly began asserting himself as a leader of the Noxian military. Swain despised and was impressed by the Super soldier and gave him complete control of one of the tactical advances on Ionia. Swain saw this as a win-win. Risk was minimal with such a small battalion and If #627 succeeded the reward was exponentially greater. If they lost that battle and 627 died, it was good riddance. As soon as the infantry began storming the borders an unprecedented storm began to rage and dozens of men were cut down. Dozens more fell bodies burned and still smoking from the lightning, ninja stars buried into the chests of seasoned soldiers, and a little ball of electricity zipping around the battlefield. With infinite gun power at his disposal he watched as ionian enemies fell wounded just to watch an astral light mend their wounds and put them back on their feet sometimes, moving faster and hitting harder than they were in the first place. A small in stature woman dressed in green danced around the battlefield seemingly to disappear and reappear just to cut down another of his soldiers. He watched as his numbers were being reduced to nothing. Not one to ever consider retreat he picked up every gun he could carry and took up a tactical position in the jungles. After a few hours when the sky was dark, the thunder had calmed, and army destroyed to a man. He began to ponder his options. He heard grunts of effort and cracks of trees. He crept through the trees to investigate. It was the barechested, ponytailed Ionian soldier that with no weapon decimated a third of his detachement. #627 had gotten a few shots in on that one before he retreated. But now it seemed he was fully healed and training by kicking down trees as thick as the mast of a ship. #627 stepped out, " First you will fall then the rest of Ionia." As #627 pulled out his favorite pistol and took aim at what he at first had thought was a bandana around his head, he could now see was a blindfold, The man turned to face him. " You have not earned victory this day." #627 smirked as the click of the safety being turned off echoed... As the lights came back on and the world began to focus the pain running through his chest and back was almost enough to put him back to sleep. "What the hell happened." He stood slowly keepin his eyes on the monk who appeared to not had moved from the spot he had been standing . He pulled his rifle off of his back and took aim at the man, demanding to know what happened. " You were going to shoot me, i kicked you, seemed fair to me."" Who are you?Why are you wearing a blindfold? ANSWER ME!!! Your tricks wont save you this time." " I am but a humble Monk defending my home from a madman with a gun." A wave of energy erupted from the monk as the bullet #627 fired was reflected to a nearby tree.The speed at which the monk covered the distance and incapacitated the war veteran was unbelieveable. When #627 woke up this time he was on the beach next to a rowboat with a note: "Go home, spread the word of our patience, and that it is growing thin." Instead of returning to Noxus a failure, he rowed the little boat and his weapons to a deserted island. He spent the next decade obsessing about being beaten by an unarmed blind man and swearing an oath on the blood moon that he will have redemption. Day in, and day out he practiced every aspect of hand to hand combat and marksminship. He wanted to not just beat the monk but find the secrets to his mastery. He swore there was magic involved though he wasnt able to decipher if it were true. After more then 15 years in solitude on the island he pick up his oar dragged the boat to sea and began to track the insufferable monk. Within weeks he had found that the Monks name was Lee Sin and he could face off against him on the Fields of Justice and prove himself worthy to be a part and one day the high general of the Noxian army. When chosen- " An Army of one, It's true" Taunts: " See these guns, and these guns , and this gun, and this one,and this knife ,and th........ theres not enough time." Joke:"Here have a shot , on me." "Not worth the price of a bullet, but the laugh ill get out of it is." Movement: " A blind monk. ill make sure he hears me coming" " what kind of man wears a ponytail?" "Put a shirt on your embarrassing yourself."
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