The seven deadly sins skin concept

Okay so the title is really self-explanatory, riot rolls out skins following the fantasy of the seven deadly sins (not the anime) and here are some candidates for each sin : 1.) Lust; -Evelynn{{champion:28}} , which is pretty much in her design to be a character who lusts over tormenting people with her feminine charms -Ahri{{champion:103}} , who also has the same reason as Evelynn 2.) Gluttony; -Gragas{{champion:79}} , whom is overindulging in food and wine, which is part of his character and what makes him a perfect candidate for the sin of gluttony and pretty much the only one that comes to mind 3.) Wrath; -Sion{{champion:14}}, who is filled with anger and rage and is fueled by hatred for some reason but he is a perfect fit for playing the sin of wrath. -Renekton{{champion:58}}, who is filled with hate and anger towards Nasus{{champion:75}} for "locking him up" with Xertah{{champion:101}} inside the tomb of emperors. -Aatrox{{champion:266}}, Aatrox's voice lines and everything about him screams wrath and the fact that he was betrayed by the people he fought for makes him an even better candidate for being a champion in the Seven Deadly Sins skin line 4.) Envy; -Xerath{{champion:101}}, who was envious of Azir and how he was going to ascend and wanted that power for himself, i mean it's in his lore he is an envious character and the first one that came to mind 5.) Pride; -Garen{{champion:86}}, Garen is the embodiment of pride in himself and his nation, the way he just brings up Demacia into every situation and his voice lines hinting at his pride, he's just Garen and we all know DEMAICAA -Irelia{{champion:39}}, Irelia is just too prideful about being an Ionian and lives and dies for Ionia, which also makes her another candidate for this skin concept 6.) Greed; -Syndra{{champion:134}}, this comes to no surprise as Syndra, has a lot of power and wants to obtain more -Vel'Koz{{champion:161}}, I am not all to sure about this but my understanding of greed leads me to believe that Vel'Koz is greedy for knowledge and understanding of humans. 7.) Sloth; -This is an empty space since I have no idea who to put in this category and i'm just thinking the community should be able to vote on the skin that gets released here and/or on the other categories Well this is the end of my concept and if you have any suggestions to add in the other categories feel free to leave it under this forum{{sticker:katarina-love}}
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