New Champ idea ( I need help in the design )

Ok i will start by describing the looks of this champion so that if anyone who is good at drawing and is willing to make a quick sketch of him will not have to look the whole post. Champion's design: I was thinking of a male fighter/sorcerer . Short black hair, dark eyes filled with ambition and pain. He has a fighters body full of scares from all of his fights, around his waist he is wearing a rope, ( he needs that for one of his abilities). Because of his ability to use magic i would like for him to have his hands to be surrounded by a black aura. About his clothing you can choose whatever you find suitable as artists because everyone has his own perspective. Champion's Abilities: What inspired me is the bad qualities that Blitz and Pyke have during a team fight. Sure you can grab the adc but if you place 3 shields on it you can not accomplish much. So i will start by describing the abilities by an order to help you understand his potentials. R(active): He locks a target a jump on it. Lets just say Ashe. When he jumps on Ashe he can instantly teleport bot of them in a small distance away from the enemy team. In this way he will be able to 1v1 and assassin the enemy adc. E(active): He smashes the ground making a small part of it to lift and makes the enemy go airborne for 1.5 sec W(active): This ability will have three active moves. The first is a punch dealing some reasonable damage. The second will only be available if you e was activated which will push the target away. The third will be available if Q is landed on the enemy and it will stun the enemy for 1.5 sec. Q(active): He uses his rope to bring his enemy in melee range. The range of his q is half of Blitz's Q. I would appreciate any feedback and I would love to see some drawings of my idea if anyone is willing to do so. Maybe you are in class or at work and you you are bored now you can do something interesting.

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