Hey riot, I know money is important for a business but please

can you just be a little considerate, riot?? You release, idk, I'd say about 5 skins a month at LEAST but the skins are given to the same champs.. {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} and thats not even a large pool of champions!! while kayn came out in 2017 hes only gotten 2 skins compared to kaisa who came out in 2018 has FOUR skins INCLUDING prestige. Please be considerate of other champs?? Yes! Maybe they wont make you money!! Maybe they will! You never know unless you go. There are other people who have patiently loved characters like {{champion:72}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:429}} some of these champs havent gotten skins in over 1000 days! I understand some may not have great skin potential, but a lot do imo! I think you make some really amazing skins and in game content. I really do, I love the story that comes with each skin, and I just think it would be really great if you expanded your skin champ pool a bit more. If you stick to the same champs over and over, the game could become dry and lose players who WANT to give you money for their favorite champs!! So please stop spoiling us Lux and Akali mains,,share the love?? You've made bombass skins! If you expand those skins to other champs, dude, I swear you'll make money. I know riot doesn't care, about what we think. They care about money, which is important for the business! Yes! But who said expanding skins wont give them money?? **Just respectfully sharing my opinion, please be respectful when sharing your thoughts too please.**

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