Vince the blademancer Art not created by me check out ___ Role: Mage/assassin/jungler Lane: Any Resource: mana Reliance: Abilities Damage type: mixed toughness: Average Utility: High Crowd control: high Mobility: Average Difficulty: 5/7 Weakness: Magic damage, tenancy. ___ Health --------------------------------- 525 (+65) HP Regen --------------------------- 5 (+0.55) Mana ----------------------------------- 400 (+25) Mana Regen ---------------------- 3 (+ 0.65) Attack Damage ----------------- 35 (+ 2.5) Attack Speed -------------------- .650 (+2%) Armor ---------------------------------- 20.88 (+3.5) Magic Resist --------------------- 35 (+0.5) Movement Speed ------------ 340 Range ---------------------------------- 550 ___ [Passive]blade particles: Vince is able to materialize blades from particles based on his current mana, these blades also emit these particles while they are active causing them to link together when within 400 units proximity of Vince and each other, needs at least 400 mana to form walls. Linked swords create walls between the connected swords that slow enemy units that attempt to cross them by 10% per sword link for a maximum of 5 seconds. If a sword/wall collides with an enemy champion it causes them to bleed for 10% of Vince's Ap each second that stacks for each sword collided with or linked. ___ [Q] Soaring Sabers: Vince creates (2/3/4/5/6) blades that follow him in an (^) formation for 10 seconds. on recast he fires off these blades up to 800 units to a target location dealing dealing 40/60/80/100/120% Ad to all units collided with while active and linger at their locations for the remaining duration. --- [W] Ring recall: Vince recalls all active blades to his current location shielding him for 60% of his current health (+40% Ap) while they rotate around him dealing 40/60/80/100/120% Ad to enemies within 400 units of Vince for 4 seconds, this ability reduces the cool down of Soaring Sabers, can be used while mounted. --- [E] Sword Surfing: [Passive] Vince is able to mount any 1 of his active blades my moving over its location, gaining +10% movement speed and leaves a short 300 unit trail of blades that slow and bleed enemies that move over them. [Mounted]:[ Active] Vince flips off his blade becoming invulnerable for the next 1.5 seconds of the animation and launches his blade 800 units in a target direction to deal damage and stun any collided enemies. If soaring sabers is active all the blades follow forming a 400 unit wide (^) wave in the target direction. [Active]: This ability can be activated unmounted to send forward a row of blades 400 units dealing 50/70/90/120/150 (+50% Ap) and pushing back units in their path. --- [R] Beckoned Blades: Vince summons a 600 unit field of blades at a target location dealing 200/300/400 (+50% Ap) and knocking up all enemies hit. Any Soaring sabers in the location are pushed to the outer edges.
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