{{champion:75}} _The Farmer Nasus idea has been brought up before, and obviously people want it. I think it would be a good Epic (1350) or Legendary (1820) skin. Feel free to add inspirational comments down bellow, and i might include them in the article!_ **Abilities: ** _Q:_ - His Q is now green. The dispel animation (used when it makes contact with an enemy) now also throws up little veggies. _W:_ - His W animation is very changed. Now, he holds up a beehive, and bees surround the target instead of purple mist. _E:_ - His E now creates a a field of corn, or whatever works the best. _R:_ - Nasus increases in size, or whatever works the best. (His R-animation could also be a form of tractor, where Nasus drives around stacking in his vehicle) **Event?** The "Farmer Nasus" skin could be released in a Farming-themed event. Champions like (Alistar, Fiddlesticks, Farmhand Veigar) could also get a themed skin in this specific event. **Sources:** This specific [article]( has been a huge inspiration. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} **Potential New Interactions** _Big thanks to: **CytheGuy** for ALL the quotes listed down bellow! _ > {{champion:12}} : "Damn right I can't milk those! Get me a nice heifer if I wanted milk." > {{champion:163}} : "Now that's a gal who can till some soil! ... What? She worked for me summer a' 35 CLE" (or whatever year would fit best within the League lore, I couldn't find any indicator of what year it is besides {{item:3158}}'s tooltip) > {{champion:9}} : "I once had a scarecrow like you. Had to burn it though when it started movin' 'round." > {{champion:143}} : "If I could grow crops like you could I'd be the richest man in the world!" > {{champion:106}} : "I'd love to have a pet bear to tussle with 'ery now an' again, but I'll settle with you." > {{champion:60}} : "Your spiders don't scare me! They're just like bigger ants." > {{champion:72}} : "I killed bigger scorpions with my bare hands back home!" > {{champion:427}} : "I never met a feller who appreciates the earth more than m'self, until I met you!" > {{champion:107}} : "I once had a pet kitty, back on my mamma's farm..." > {{champion:69}} : "Snakes? Hehehe... I used to play with snakes back in my mamma's garden. You'll be no different." > {{champion:62}} : "I could never imagine havin' a pet monkey, they're just too damn obnoxious!" > {{champion:40}} : "Get you an' your damn storms outta here Janna! Go on! Git!" > {{champion:121}} : "I' seen bigger bugs. Eatin' my crops they were. Can you guess what I did to 'em?" > {{champion:421}} : "Damn carnivores! Stay outta the ranch you quadru... wait, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7... Oh just get outta here!" > {{champion:83}} : "If ya work on ma' farm for a summer I can teach ya' how to dig more than graves. It's much nicer, I can tell ya that." > {{champion:27}} : "I don' want non a your pesticides Singed! They're messin' with the soil!" > {{champion:29}} : "Looks like I gotta go buy some rat poison now." > {{champion:19}} : "Reminds me a' Sally... Whose a good boy?" (reminiscently) > > Here's some that I thought of > {{champion:201}} "Now _that_ is a nice 'stache!" > {{champion:28}} "Sorry lass, my heart belongs to the earth." > {{champion:141}} "Fancy lookin' scythe you got there. Seems almost... unholy..." > {{champion:240}} "I respect a man who protects his property. What say you an' me grab a bottle o' moonshine sometime?" > {{champion:497}} "Shed's all yours son. Just uh, dump the hay when you're done." > {{champion:223}} "The world ain't no river, dummy. There's solid ground where I'm standin'." > {{champion:17}} "I remember when I grew [mushrooms]. I moved on to a more honest trade now." > {{champion:254}} "Honey, you're not putin' in effort if you're hands ain't calloused. Take off the gloves and I'll show you a real fistfight." > {{champion:157}} "Gad damn it! Why does everyone want to control the wind?! STAY AWAY FROM MY FIELDS!" > {{champion:498}} "Rakan is lucky to have a beauty like you under 'is wing. Go show the world what a real gal can do!" > {{champion:120}} "Be great havin' a stallion like you. Just maybe a little less... evil?" Also; Thank you _Warlord Rhinark_, _ZackTheWaffleMan_, _Excalibait_ and _Ifneth_ for adding inspirational comments down bellow!
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