Champion Concept: Melthik - The Root of the Jungle (A support jungler concept)

Melthik is a druid who lives as a wandering hermit within the vast Kumungu Jungle. As if her very essence were attached to the plants and wildlife, she can feel every transgression against the land. Her swift response usually brought such matters to a quick and pleasurable close...but lately, there's been much turmoil in the land. Worried for the safety of all Runeterra, Melthik now desperately searches for a cure to its dissonance. --- **Base Stats:** HP: 485(+77) HP5: 7.0 (+.7) MP: 395(+60) MP5: 6.2(+.58) AD: 52(+5.6) AS: .46(+.03) AR: 30(+3.2) MR: 34(+1.2) MS: 345 RN: 525 --- **Passive: The Jungle's Aid** - Whenever Melthik uses a summoner spell, she sends out a wave of razor blossoms within 500 units of herself that deal 30% AP damage and knocks enemies hit 200 units away from her. Additionally, damage dealt by summoner spells deal their damage and effects to all hit by the wave as well. (Yes, this means AoE chilling smite, but it also means AoE ignite...keep that in mind. :P) --- **Q: Furious Lotus** - Melthik throws a Lotus Blossom at a target area, that unfurls and grows in size as it reaches its destination. After a short delay, the blossom erupts in pollen, dealing [65/80/95/110/125(+40%AP)] damage and stunning enemies within it for 0.75s ***(AAAH-CHOO!)*** --- **W: Nature's Will** - *1st cast:* Melthik can collect a jungle plant. The collected plant will grow back 2x faster than normal (but still follow all the other rules of plants). *2nd cast:* Melthik uses the plant she's carrying to set a trap that arms after a 2s delay, depending on what plant she had. *This ability cannot enter cooldown until the plants are planted.* ***This is going to get a little complicated...bear with me.*** -Traps are invisible to enemies, but will display to allies (including yourself) where and what they are. They each last for 3 minutes. - *Blast Cone*: Melthik plants a mine at a target location. Champions that walk over it trigger the trap, which explodes after a 0.2s delay, dealing [50/70/90/110/130(+45%AP)] magic damage to nearby enemies and functioning as a normal blast cone (knocking both enemies and allies away from it) - *Scryer's Bloom*: Melthik plants a trap that deals [45/60/75/90/105(+55%AP) damage over 3s to enemies in a 250 unit area of its center area, and reveals the affected enemies (even in stealth) and a 550 unit radius around them for 5s. If an ally walks over the trap, it functions like a normal Scryer's Bloom (it reveals a cone in the direction they were moving, and highlights enemy champions and wards for 5s. - *Honeyfruit*: Melthik's trap heals the first ally that walks over it by a 8/10/12/14/16[+1/100AP]% of their missing hp over 4s, and after a 0.5s delay, leaves a trail of sticky honey in the area for 4s, slowing all units that walk through it by 60% (leaving *just* enough time for the ally to get away from the area and bail out from their pursuers) Enemies that step on it are slowed by 60% for 2.5s, and are rooted for 1s if they're still stuck in the slow field when it generates. (this does no damage on its own...but can be an interesting way to zone off enemies from objectives.) --- **E: Blossom Shield** - Melthik shields an ally for [55/70/85/100/115(+50%AP)] for up to 3s. If the shield is broken, it shatters apart in a flurry of razor blossoms, dealing 50/65/80/95/110(+45%AP)] damage to nearby enemies. If not, it heals the shielded ally for the total remaining shield amount. (Counterplay: leave *just a pinch* of shield left, then go in) --- **R: Woodland Wrath** - Melthik channels for 2s, sprouting forth a great Ent at a nearby location. The Ent is large but immobile, acts as terrain, and attacks enemies within 200 units of its base. The Ent's attacks cleave enemies, dealing between 40-70% of their damage to nearby enemies depending on proximity to the original target. Melthik can recast this ability within 6s to command the Ent to slam the ground after 0.75s, dealing damage and stunning enemies within 300 units of its base for 1s. *Ent AS*: 0.35 || *Ent Damage*: 75/95/105(+20%AP) per attack, and cleaves nearby enemies. || *Slam Damage*: 90/120/150(+65%AP)
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