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Can We Talk About This? Teemo
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This post is being created to address some of the lame things about teemo with my own ideas. Please note I am not a teemo main or real expert and am sharing this idea out of interest and to hopefully start a discussion. I will go over my ideas for changes and complete reworks of his abilities to make teemo a more interesting champion to play as and hopefully against.(and yes i am aware skooch made his video before runes reforged but i feel it still applies I will start with the four base abilities and then address the passive q-blinding dart- to make this ability more interesting and helpful I have altered how it works and given it synergy with his w- blinding dart sends a skillshot dart in a line- if it hits a champion the cooldown is heavily reduced- the blind now performs more like a Quinn blind, making them unable to see targets a certain distance away- blinding darts that hit champions recently hit will deal less damage w- w is effectively the experimental pbe idea, teemo gains camouflage and bonus movement speed for a duration- however this w has a synergy with his blinding dart wherein enemies effected by the blinding dart cannot see through his camouflage, effectively making him invisible until he attacks- the camouflage has a duration but even when you attack if you stop attacking while there is still duration you will return to camouflage(the idea that the camouflage tick down timer pauses when you attack definitely is a possibility) e-poisoned darts- teemo's basic attacks poison enemies with a dot effect scaling with ap, these darts deal bonus damage if the target is affected by q or ult poison r- works the same as it does now- the difference- mushrooms have a slight delay and reveal before they detonate and hitting an enemy champion directly with a mushroom will cause it to immediately detonate, but it will not slow the target like mines will- this also causes their to be a cooldown before he can throw another charge passive-baited breath- teemo uses a blowgun, so i figure we give his auto attacks unique while helping balance out this new kit's more immediate effectiveness in team fights teemo's auto attacks require a bonus wind-up before they are shot & waiting in between shots increases the damage of the next shot by a % based on the time waited Summary- the goal is this- while keeping core components we have made teemo more immediately effective and useful to his team with his ability to give multiple enemies nearsighted and quickly poison a group- after hitting an enemy with q it is now possible to use your w to literally pop in and out of visibility, using baited breath to your advantage, waiting in between shots while invis to deal increased damage and make it far more like true guerrilla warfare. Let me know what you think and share your own ideas pls :)
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