{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}} So the other day I FINALLY got my 10th Gem Stone and i'm like: "F00K YEAH BOI! TIME TO GET THAT HEXTECH {{champion:16}}!" Then I realized you guys haven't made it...yet {{sticker:sg-soraka}} . So I just wanted to ask what's the hold up? I spent so much money to get those Gem Stones {{champion:16}}buy i CAN'T spend {{champion:16}}them because there's no HEXTECH {{champion:16}}. Also I need: * a New Year's {{champion:16}} * Sweetheart {{champion:16}} * i'll also take a Mardi Gras {{champion:16}} skin * God Banana {{champion:16}} * Dunkmaster {{champion:16}} would be nice * Victorious {{champion:16}} would also be nice (just bribe the pros, Olleh already has played her) And any other {{champion:16}} skins you guys can think of. You see Carlos I have LOADS of money but I can't give it you guys yet because there is nothing i {{champion:16}}can trade for it atm. You see I already have ALL the {{champion:16}} skins, so I need you guys to make more so i can send the truck loads of money that I {{champion:16}}have that i OBVIOUSLY don't really need. Just get those {{champion:16}} skins made ASAP so i can start handing you my money ASAP! Thanks again Carlos, Have a great day!!!! {{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:16}}
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