Hammar,the sea hunter

Hello everyone, for today I came up with an interesting concept called Hammar,the sea hunter. [Base Statistics] Health. 572.2 – 2051.2. Health regen. 8 – 20.8. Mana. 322.2 – 1002.2. Mana regen. 7.9 – 19.8. Range. 125. Attack damage. 69 – 132.8. Attack speed. 0.665 (+ 0 – 45.1%). Armor. 35 – 99.6. Magic resist. 32.1 – 53.4. Movement.Speed. 345. [Statistics] Role:Diver. Class:Fighter. Lane:top,jungle. primary recourse:Mana. damage:physical. melee champion. visual https://orig00.deviantart.net/a539/f/2009/178/5/2/gj_hammerhead_by_ginsujustice.jpg by ginsujustice'. [Biography] Lore:Hammar refers to the ancient race of marine Vastayans living in the seas and oceans not far from Bilgewater.By itself, Hammar is an aggressive Vastaya loner who does not like to be in the company or perform tasks in a team, surrendering to his strength and strong jaws.After Hammar was expelled from his people for killing a shaman from a flash of aggression, he found a new house on land, namely in the port town of Bilgewater where he became a mercenary killer by profession.The only enemy that Hammar can not tolerate is Mantrex who tried to explain to him that the shaman of his people did not die because of his guilt, but Hammar did not want to listen to him, for years Hammar's mind was distorted and all the memories changed places, and the thought appeared to Hammar's mind, and what if the shaman himself was killed by the Mantrex himself?Now Hammar has started hunting for how he thinks himself a real shaman killer to take revenge and return to his homeland with a confession that he did not kill the shaman. [Abilities] [PASSIVE]shark jaws:Hammar bite the enemy inflicting additional physical damage slowing the enemy for 2 seconds. cooldown:14 seconds. [Q]rusty harpoon:Hammar makes a jump in the designated area, while in the jump Hammar can choose the enemy on which he will launch a harpoon that will cause physical damage and slow it down. cost:55 cooldown: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 target range:450. [W]underwater dive:Hammar plunges into the water becoming invulnerable to enemies for 3 seconds speeding itself up for 2 seconds.If you try to make a auto attack on the enemy champion, Hammar will jump out of the water and catch on the enemy with his jaws by traveling it for 2.5 seconds.After hooking the enemy with jaws, Hammar when moving will inflict physical damage on the enemy and inflicts a bleeding effect on him for 2 seconds. cost:60 cooldown:8 [E]solid constitution;[passively] with each killing of the minion, the maximum health reserve of Hammar increases by +5 units. [active]Hammar makes a dash towards the enemy, inflicting physical damage to the first enemy in front and throwing it back. cost:50 cooldown:13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 target range:650 [R]underwater hunting:Hammar plunges into the water seeing all the enemy champions on the map. Before Hammar's approach to the enemy, Hammar obtains the effect of speeding up the speed of movement. After reaching the goal, Hammar jumps out of action throwing on the target a network that immobilizes the enemy and inflicts magical damage. cost:100 cooldown:150/140/130 radius effect:2900 Champion pick:"Dive,in to the water!" Champion ban:"Move away...fro a while." Taunt to enemy champions: {{champion:420}}:I love fresh octopus for breakfast.... {{champion:111}}:Send from me "hi" to fishes! {{champion:555}}:I eat drowned corpses like you!come!face your second death! {{champion:223}}:I see a lot of meat in you... {{champion:223}}:I'll save you for my birthday. {{champion:41}}:Yo ho ho,and the bottle of rum....no?...........damn.... {{champion:105}}:Don't play to long with me,or i will eat your head! {{champion:104}}:I'll put those two muzzle in your mouth! {{champion:21}}:You have nice......guns. {{champion:267}}:Hey cutie,wanna date with me...to night...under the moon......no? {{champion:4}}:I dare you,if you will cheat,i'll bite off your arm!
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