Champion Concept: Tiago; the Tactical Adept

**General overview:** Tiago is designed to be a mid range enchanter support. Similar to something like Taric, who wants to be in front of the back liners, but behind the front liners. The idea is that he is a brilliant military mind and as such thrives in the thick of the battle, moving forward and backwards with the flow of team fights, where he shines most. His skills all have a tactical flavor as he commands his allies to make the best use of his minor enchantments. He would also be highly engaging, meaning low cooldowns for him to cycle through abilities quickly, but low base values on his damage, healing, and shielding. The idea is that depending on the game, you could go for a traditional enchanter build with Ardent Censor/Redemption core. Or you could just as effectively go for a tank support build with things like Frozen Heart and Locket of the Iron Solari. Or a combination of both! The fact that he plays farther forward than a standard enchant means that even if you go something like Ardent for your first buy, he will be close enough to enemies for passive debuffs from Frozen Heart or Abyssal Mask to have very high uptime. He is also moderately mobile, allowing him to effectively support front line and back line allies. His 3 basic skills focus on the basic fundamentals of battle: attack, holding your ground, and retreat. **Lore/backstory:** Tiago is Lux's younger cousin. As a preteen it became very clear to his family that the boy harbored a brilliant mind, and had a fascination with charms and enchantments. Once fully into his teen years, he began training in earnest. However, unexpectedly, the young boy found it very difficult to muster anything beyond the most straightforward magics. His teachers summoned Lux, who began a in depth evaluation of his abilities. She found that the issue was an innate limitation of his physical makeup. He simply could not channel the necessary levels of energy needed for more complex spells, no matter how brilliant his mind. During his testing, Tiago steadfastly managed to impress his cousin and his teachers with his ingenuity, which allowed him to combine minor spells in creative and effective ways. Realizing that the slight boy's most valuable asset was his intelligence, his family suggested that he enroll in a military academy in the officer candidate school. He enthusiastically agreed and signed up for the next term, while continuing to dabble with minor magics in his free time. During his second year in the academy, all of the cadets left the capital for training camp in the field. It was during this time that Swain led a strike force from Noxus, hoping to strike a blow to Demacian morale by attacking their young students. The soldiers desperately tried to hold of Noxian forces as the students escaped. But it was clear they would not last long on their own. Tiago managed to rally the cadets and brilliantly evade their attackers, splitting them up and launching several ambushes, aided by his clever usage of charms and enchantments. Demacian forces arrive two days later expecting to find a massacre, and instead found the cadets holding their own with limited casualties. Swain and his strike force were chased off, and Tiago lauded as a hero rewarded with immediate graduation from the academy and granted an advisory role in the military. **Spells & Abilities:** Passive: Battle Tempo - Tiago thrives in the thick of combat, where his mind and body move with increasing levels of efficiency and speed. - Casting a spell increases Tiago's movement speed by 5%, stacking up to 3 times. Upon reaching his third stack, all of his skills currently on cooldown have 1 second taken off their remaining timer. Q: Tandem Strike - Tiago dashes forward and places his hand on an ally's shoulder, granting them a small shield and a small amount of movement speed. He remains attached to his ally for up to 2 seconds, or he can cast a second time to dash at an enemy and strike them with a magical marker. If the shielded ally strikes the marked enemy within 5 seconds, the enemy is stunned and takes a small amount of magic damage. (This has a cool situational bonus of mobile champions being able to take Tiago with them during movement spells and teleports) W: Hold the Line - Tiago marks a zone on the ground for his allies to take a stance, in the shape of a rectangle. Allies standing in the rectangle enjoy a small amount of Armor and Magic Resistance, as well as an attack speed buff. If Tiago or one of his allies is standing in the zone, any enemies who move into the rectangle and out a different side are slowed for 2 seconds. (This is exactly what it sounds like. A way to give allies an edge in a stand and trade fight. The idea is to force enemies into using engage spells correctly or retreat for the time being) E: Withdraw - Tiago creates a link of light between himself and a targeted ally, signaling a path for retreat. While linked, the ally receives healing over time. They also enjoy increased movement speed only while they move towards Tiago. (This would be a way to help pull front liners back out of the fray as they get low on hp, or to assist backliners to come to the team if they are flanked) R: Divide & Conquer - Tiago sends out a line of kinetic energy, signaling where the field will be divided. After a .5 second delay, the beam widens and any enemies caught in the path are knocked aside and take a small amount of damage. (This sounds quite strong on the surface, but the damage should be very, very low. Also the distance enemies would be pushed aside would not be anywhere near something like a Janna ult. The space created should be about as wide as Yasuo's wind wall. So the impact would be very situational. Depending on the terrain and the enemy team's positioning, it could be a game changer or pretty negligible) **Visuals & Audio:** Tiago is a slender young, dressed neatly in formal military attire. When his movement speed gets high enough, he begins to hover above the ground like Syndra or Malzahar. As far as voice lines it's important to remember he is not only a brilliant military mind, but also still just a teenage boy. His quotes should be alternatively serious or wistfully youthful. Some lines should inspire confidence, some should be intended to rally morale. While others might be childish quips or whispered comments about missing his parents. Thanks for reading! Would love some feedback!
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