Star Guardian Taric, Urgot, Tahm Kench ideas

I mean, Star Guardian Taric is kinda self-explanatory, Urgot is sort of for the memes, and Tahm Kench would legit be really cool with the idea Riot is taking with the Star Guardians. With the last Guardians, they were corrupted and started to fight the other Star Guardians because of Zoe, the first generation of Star Guardians who became corrupted with chaos. How you ask?? It was Tahm Kench of course. Maybe Tahm Kench was the one who twisted Zoe's mind, encouraging her to twist her powers into something that wasn't seen before, encouraging her that Chaos is the way to go, eventually corrupting her and creating who she is today. Maybe Tahm Kench was a creature that terrorizes the universe, consuming anything and everything around him like a black hole, but because of the first generation of Star Guardians he was sealed away. But seeing Zoe's chaotic nature would make her a target for him to take control of, to corrupt. Once Zoe does become corrupted, it would slowly power Tahm Kench, allowing him to seep into the world to corrupt more guardians, to consume slowly in order to gain back his power in order to break the seal that imprisons him, to once terrorize and consume the universe again. I know its a meme to make Star Guardian Urgot, but if Riot were to actually make a "Star Guardian" Urgot Skin, it would be pretty cool to see him a Star Guardian that was given corrupted power from Zoe or something, sent to kill the Star Guardians. Or maybe he was a mechanical machine/cyborg created with the intentions to help the future generations of Star Guardians if they were in dire help. It would be really cool if Taric is a member of the first group of Star Guardians, most likely the Leader of the Group trying to find a way to stop Zoe's corruption. So when pin pointing where Zoe is, he finds the current groups of Star Guardians and allies with them to stop her. I think it would be also cool if Zoe resurrects their old teammates cause I imagine Zoe kills them when she went full chaos but didn't realize Taric was still alive by a thread when he was fatally wounded.
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