Twisted Fate - Pick a Card (Rework Idea)

Twisted Fate's W (Pick a Card) feels too random for a character that is designed to magic/cheat the luck out of games. Instead, what if selecting Pick a Card gave you the option to immediately select the card you want? My idea would be to set it up as follows: 1. Cast "Pick a Card" 2. Q,W,E become different spells for selecting your card. (i.e. W->Q selects Blue card). This would remove the "random" element and the delay of waiting for your card so that TF has more immediate responses to threats. The big drawback is that this change would remove the big "HEADS UP" that your opponents currently have while it cycles and might make TF too consistent at whipping out an quick, non-skillshot stun. I'd argue that there are plenty of stuns in the game that give you less time to react (Annie's passive, Pantheon's W, and Riven's W immediately come to mind). Also, it could keep the visual effects of TF showcasing his pick, but the cards "cycling" above his head would no longer be very accurate to what's happening. Maybe show all 3 in the non-selected state? Overall, I think there's low risk involved and TF would feel more crisp/less punishing when it comes to using this ability. Let me know what you think, this can be edited.
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