All my concept skins

_Hello everyone, before I start I want to clarify, I'm a LAS player, and I usually draw skins of some champions, so I created an account here only to show you my work in this forum._ So I will start with the first 3 skins that I created, I made them almost 3 years ago, surely they have seen them in other places: I present **Prototype Kayn:** _The main idea in this skin is that it's mainly part project and part Battlecast (on its left side)_ **Absolute Project Kayn:** _In this art, Kayn obtains the power of Project in its entirety_ **Absolute Battlecast Rhaast:** _This is the Destroyer Machine: Battlecast Rhaast _ I wanted to present also other works that I did during these years: **Infernal Aatrox:** _I want to clarify that I made this skin before of the rework_ **Thunderlord Aurelion Sol:** _the essence of thunder inside an empty armor, which has gained awareness_ **Dreadnova Swain:** **Star Guardian Irelia:** **Bloodstone Taliyah:** **BeastHunter Sion:** **Project Talon:** **Project Talon (Chromas):** **Magma Zac/ Infernal Zac:** **Infernal Neeko:** **Dreadnova Graves:** **Thunderlord Aatrox:** **Santa Horn:** **Highnoon Sylas:** I will upload my other work individually, as I made the effort to create the skills. I hope my creations are to your liking. My Pages: [Facebook]( [Instagram]( [Twitter](
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