The Mischievous Adventures part 331

(The next day) {{champion:37}}: "....." {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}}: "Hi Ms. Sona." {{champion:37}}: 'Oh, hello girls. How are today?' {{champion:10}}: "Great, actually we came to ask you some questions." {{champion:37}}: 'Like?' {{champion:25}}: "Well there's some rumors around town about you once being in a metal band. Is that true?" {{champion:37}}: '...…..Yes.' {{champion:10}}: "Yes! Told you it was true!" {{champion:25}}: "Yeah yeah, don't get too excited about it." {{champion:37}}: 'She's right, the band is...something I like to move on from.' {{champion:10}}: "Aww, you didn't enjoy it?" {{champion:37}}: 'Oh no I did. It was great actually.' {{champion:10}}: "Ohhhhh! What was your role? Please tell me you were the guitarist." {{champion:37}}: 'Well, it was a keyboard actually. Though I remember just being up there with the others, shredding up the night sky like we were wolves.' {{champion:10}}: "That sounds so awesome." {{champion:25}}: "So what happened?" {{champion:37}}: '....Let's just say, we were stabbed in the back. Betrayed, shocked, angered...just..." {{champion:25}}: "We'll stop asking. If you want us to leave we can." {{champion:37}}: 'That be nice, thank you.' {{champion:10}}: "Sorry if we brought up some stuff." {{champion:37}}: 'Oh not at all. In fact I kinda feel relieved." {{champion:10}}: "Well that's nice. Now come on Morg, let's go! I'll race you!" *Takes off* {{champion:25}}: "Kayle wait! Ugh, at least give me a heads up." *Follows her*
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