Positive Reinforcement For Role-Fluid Play? ANIMATED Loadscreen Flairs?

Currently, the only reward you get for being above gold is a Victorious skin for that year, and everyone regardless of rank gets an icon showing their rank. That's great...for a general ranking. But as we know, this season is far from "general" now. Now that there are FIVE separate ranks, issues arise from swapping lanes, or from not getting LP for swapping an autofill to your main. There are a plethora of things adding a couple more rewards can help with. Just as a most basic example: •Complete placements on at least one role: Get the seasonal Icon displaying your rank at End of Season. (like usual) •Get one role to gold+: Get the Victorious skin. (like usual) •Get three roles to gold+: Get a unique seasonal Icon and/or Ward skin. •Get ALL roles to gold+: Get a unique (maybe even animated) seasonal border OR (since we all know Rito loves this) get a Prestige Edition Victorious skin. (Obviously, those who get multiple roles get all rewards from the tier below them as well) This would encourage people to play multiple roles, and attempt to actually get better at the game at the roles they're not as strong at, for the promise of greater rewards. I was also going to save this idea for Riot to replace Prestige Edition skins (since the community doesnt really like them so much as far as having to buy them goes) but maybe they should look into the route of allowing people to purchase animated loadscreen banners. Meaning, for example, that I could buy "Animators" for Nami, and my Nami loadscreen would show some sort of animation (using the default as an example, bubbles floating upwards, and her slowly moving back and forth in some way.) That's obviously more busy work for Riot...but it'd be something that everyone would love to see, when they're usually just idly looking at a loadscreen and instead get to see a few people with animations. I feel like animated **borders** would be better as a ranked reward, and I feel like moving golden prestige skins to being actually prestigious achievements is just more aesthetically sound. But buying animated **champion banners** would be something the community would love, and Riot could get a lot of profit from. Win-Win, right?
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