Idolion the Human Watcher [lore]

Check out his kit [here]( I actually suggest reading [Where Icathia Once Stood]( first before reading this. Both stories are very much related, and honestly Where Icathia Once Stood is just toooooooo good. ___________________________ *My name is Idolion Kei-Anx Kohari Icath’or. * I don’t know what I am. I was found in a junkyard, wrapped in fine sheets of linen. My dearest companions, Kei and Anx, were discovered near me, trembling, and filled with magic, *my* magic. But I’m not human, or at least not anymore. My eyes and skin are a rich shade purple. Across my chest, a deep cut where a mysterious substance moves in and out. Only years later, I learned it was a voidborn. Adopted by an Icathian family, I never had much. All I did was taking care of their animals, practicing magic, and wielding swords. I would challenge weapon masters from town to town, and win unscathed with my fighting style of using a dagger and a sword. This brought the attention of the corrupted Shurimans, and therefore it was time to leave. The time to end the old life and begin a new one. I left my family at the age of 10, seeking more understanding of fighting. It was then when I met the Kohari, a gang of the greatest Icathian warriors ready to take back their empire. But People always feared the unknown. When I joined the Kohari, hoping to replenish the hope of our people, they asked for who I am. When I took down two so-called God-Warriors single-handedly, their avaricious emperor asked for who I am. When that Being came down to me and told me I am the Chosen, he asked for who I am… The answer has always been the same: “I don’t know.” ___________________________ To this day, the War still haunts me. Innocent people crying out sound of despair, asking their God (Oh, how ironic!) for a place in heaven. The gargantuan men who are monsters within. They are beasts, animals, and more so than us Kohari, weaklings and cowards. Then there is the crack in the sky… And the invasion of my race. I was standing in the middle of the fight, feeling hopeless. I killed thousands of Shurimans that day, captured countless forts, but the end is here. These monsters don’t belong here. Their skins are hard as steel. Their movement scattered yet organized. Their victory, inevitable. And I heard the Call. The Call from a king to its soldier, telling him War has begun. The Call from a prophet to a gullible believer, telling him his destiny is to be fulfilled. The Call from a father to a son, telling him he is among his family. The Call from a friend to a friend, telling him exile is finally over, as if he himself shares the pain. Lies. It was a good pretender, but it underestimated the trickiness of humans. Its words were in an ancient tongue, and it spoke like a true Emperor, confident and demanding. But I’ve known it for too long. My magic is the only obstacle keeping the voidborn inside me from making me its food, and I know it only listens to the Watchers, the greedy rulers of the Void. But that wasn’t what haunts me the most. Another call, or rather, a Summoning appeared to me. Golden light shot through the clouds and covered the entire battlefield. Ascendants and Voidborns were screaming in pain. A Being, great beyond measure, appeared in the midst of us. His light surrounded us all, but it casted no shadows. On his firm grip, a sword – a warrior. “Who are you, Cursed One? I shall bless you, but this isn’t your battle to fight,” demanded the great Being. I was weak then, afraid, desperate for power. And I was stupid enough to forget the price of power. “Why me, there are countless might warriors who have vanished here, and why now?” “It’s time for Us to lead you to your true destiny. In your veins run the blood of Chaos, but you mind seeks justice, you shall be me and I shall be you. I will grant you holy bandages which you will cover yourself with, and you in turn must fight those wills,” he paused, as if daring the Void Watchers to interrupt him, “Bear the loss of this land, Idolion, for no one will remember what has happened, you will. Now leave, you destiny is already decided.” So I left, leaving hundreds of thousands of innocent people behind, knowing there is nothing I can do. *The will of the gods are not to be challenged.*
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