Champion Concept: Auralee - Phantasm of the Isles

# TL;DR - A ghost among ghosts, Auralee is a survivor of the blight of the Shadow Isles. Once known as the best of an elite squad of Rangers that helped protect the Blessed Isles, Auralee's existence remains linked to her land and her mission - protect the land from those who would misshape it. #Lore - During the height of the Blessed Isles, there was rarely need for a military presence. The Enchanted Mists were more than enough to deter all but the most persistent of visitors. Instead, most of those trained in weaponry were hunters or peacekeepers. In many cases, these people were one and the same - true rangers who upheld the complete circle of life. And for all the rangers in the Blessed Isles, there was no one more versed than one. A master archer, tracker, hunter and the deputy commander of the peacekeepers, she thrived upon the bridge between the land and its life. Until the day of darkness took her. From within the vault, a furious torrent of malevolence polluted the very ground. The air. The sea. The beloved Mists. Though she did not know the cause of this malevolence, she knew it was caused by her people, and it polluted the land she loved. The corruption twisted people and creatures alike, turning them feral and volatile. It took awhile before The lass was able to determine that the reason it didn't turn her like the rest was due to the heartwater she kept locked inside her amulet. Its power, like the Mists, enveloping and protecting her. Still, the torture of the land ravaged her mind. *The heartwaters...that has to be the way...* Most of the research of her people on the heartwaters was all but lost, the downfall of their civilization and the catastrophe that took them burying that knowledge far underground in the vaults. But with her deep connection to the land, and her fury towards her people for what she perceived as something akin to mankind's betrayal of nature itself, she carries on, to this day, with her mission to reclaim the land from its curse, and leave peacefully among it...unaware of how timeless her quest has truly been. *The heartwaters...I need to reclaim...the waters...* Unbeknownst to her, as time stopped having meaning to her long ago, it's been those very waters sustaining her existence for quite some time. Not immortal, but not quite undead, her consumption of the ancient wellsprings gave her centuries of longevity. The lass's amulet - possessing some of the last pure heartwater, along with her willpower is what kept her mind intact. ***Mostly*** intact. There was still one thing she simply couldn't stand anymore. *WRETCHED TRESPASSER! LEAVE THIS PLACE!* The few mortal beings who've dared to venture to the Shadow Isles, the first carriers of these tales, mentioned living trees that brought forth death. Twisted creatures neither human nor beast. Maddened spirits determined to claim their very soul... I never heard such a tale as I have seen. A pale lady. With hair the color of a dense morning fog. Her armor made of scale and hide. Her aura, of one who wears a thousand lives around her. When I returned to the mainland and told my tale, the people laughed. "There's no way!" they all said. "No one can live in that desolate place!" But I saw her. With my own eyes, I saw the pale lady. And her arrow saw my knee. Her words echoed through that darkness clearly. "Wretched Trespasser! Leave this place!" She stalked me as I dragged myself back to my boat. her presence that of a savage beast. I still think I was meant to die upon that soil. I set full sail, half my crew still missing. There were two score of us when our exploration began...only three of us made it to Bilgewater. And one died upon the docks from his wounds. It wasn't until long after my return to Noxus that the Grand General himself descended upon my home. He humbled me with his audience. And when I spoke of our journey, he said only three words to my entire tale. "The lineage lives." He's told me more since, as you can see. He tasked me with keeping the records of the Isles and I've learned much. I've yet to know what he sees there, but this lady is the key. So I hope that you'll reconsider your offer. I cannot offer more there. When this reaches you... **blood splatters occupy the rest of the parchment too much to make out more. Even the writings underneath the lines were partially illegible. In fact, it seemed like the dried, embedded blood had somehow grown darker as the ship approached its destination. The man reading them paused for a moment, before setting the traitor's notes upon his desk and making for the deck.** --- #Stats - **HP:** 485 (+76) **HP5:** 6.9 (+1.5) **MP:** 320 (+64) **MP5:** 5.1 (+.8) **AD:** 56 (+5.3) **AS:** .506 (+.042) **AR:** 29 (+1.7) **MR:** 33 (+0.8) **MS:** 345 **RN:** 595 --- #Kit - **Passive: Shadow Shot** - Each time Auralee enters stealth/camouflage (including brush), she gains 20% movement speed for 1.5s and her next attack within 2s deals (30% bonus AD) more damage. This cannot trigger from the same source of stealth twice within 10s. (so you can't use the same bush over and over to Rengar your damage output) **Q: Night Arrow** - Auralee fires an arrow to a target location. After a 0.75s delay, it explodes into shrapnel that deals (45/55/65/75/85[+50%AD]) damage to enemies within a 200 unit radius and smoke that covers the area for 3s. The smoke functions as a bush - hiding units inside of it from outside view - and grants Auralee improved stealth upon first entering it for 1s (meaning, until she fires, those inside can't see her either, and she can leave the smokescreen and stay stealthed for the 1s duration). 60 mana all ranks - 16/15/14/13/12s cd **W: Mist Arrows** - *passive*: Auralee's basic attacks apply a *Mist Curse* debuff. the Mist Curse deals (5/10/15/20/25[+5/7/9/12/15%bonusAD]) damage on hit, and reveals afflicted enemies. Last 1.5s, and refreshes on each basic attack. Afflicted enemies hit by Auralee's Night Arrow, or those who enter the persisting smokescreen, lose 10% of their armor for as long as they're afflicted. **E: Chain Arrow** - Auralee Shoots an arrow with an attached chain in a target direction. If the arrow hits a wall, Auralee will pull herself to it. By reactivating the ability before the pull ends, she will vault over the wall as well. If the arrow hits an enemy, They'll take 35/45/55/65/75(+35%AD) damage and be slowed by 20% for 1.5s. Auralee can reactivate the ability within 1.5s to instead fire another arrow through her end of the chain, preventing the enemy from moving farther than the current distance between her and them for 1.5s. 70/65/60/55/50 mana - 22/21/20/19/18s cd **R: Shadow Fall** - Auralee gains 15/20/25%(+1%/100AD) bonus attack speed for the next 7s, and for the duration, her Night Arrow has a flat 1s cooldown. This will instantly set the cooldown of her Q to 1s if she used it just before her ult (just like with Kindred). (can make about 7-8 stealth zones for her passive, and with the added bonuses, this means you've got plenty of room to outplay things.) 100 mana - 120/100/80s cd **UPDATES**: >1.2 - Took out sedative arrows, so players will need to rely more on proper usage of the stealth zones they create. Mist Arrows are the new name for the Cursed Arrows, but function in the same manner. - Chain Arrow no longer makes a wall - Auralee can choose to vault the wall she pulls to instead. Tethering an enemy still works as normal. >1.3 - QoL wording changes to Explosive Arrow - Auralee will gain a 1s stealth upon entering the smokescreen that will *persist* for the duration even if she leaves it. This allows her to make some flashy outplays. :P - E now *must* be reactivated to chain an enemy. Without a reactivation, it will simply briefly slow the target. - E now has a damage ratio of 35/45/55/65/75(+35%AD) - changed from simply 70%AD. This nerfs its overall damage output...but since I added a brief slow, and I'm quite worried about the potency of W+R already, I think making it have its own numbers is fair. - added mana cost and cooldowns to abilities. - changed Mist Arrows. Instead of a toggle effect, Mist Arrows now slowly power creeps the longer you can focus your target *passively* for no cost. >1.4 - Renamed Q to "Night Arrow" from "Explosive Arrow" (felt bland to me...) - Buffed slow duration and recast duration of E to 1.5s from 0.5s. (gives time to gapclose a bit more before chaining them down.) - Buffed Attack Speed stat and growth to .506 (+.042) from .456 (+.04) - Nerfed Attack Damage stat and growth to 56 (+5.3) from 58 (+5.5) >1.5 - Big W changes! - No longer a stacking effect. Just a single debuff refreshed by repetitive basic attacks. - Enemies Afflicted with the Mist Curse are revealed in bushes (but not other forms of stealth) so that Auralee isn't punished when her original target just waits in her smokescreens. - The Mist Curse now lowers the armor of the afflicted enemy whenever they are hit by Night Arrow, or walk through one of its smokescreens, until the debuff is dropped. Auralee can continually refresh the debuff to keep this loss of armor, though the duration of the debuff itself is still very short (at 1.5s). This also further deters her target from sitting in her smokescreens. - Removed Herobrine. :P - Lowered duration of empowered basic attack on passive from 3s to 2s. (Shoot fast!) >1.6 - added lore, finally. (The lore is a letter, that never made it to its intended recipient. Just in case it confuses you)
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