[Rework concept]: Singed: The Noxious Chemist

Singed is a champion which is desperately in need of a rework with linear gameplay, boring interaction and often times can be a major hindered for the team he is on when grouping starts this concept is to give him more team fight orientation through zoning with poison as opposed to just "Run away and hope the enemy chases" and causing team wide utility doing so while keeping his focus on DoT with poison [Passive} Altered lungs When inside one of his poison clouds Singed gains bonus ability power, bonus armor, bonus magic resistance, bonus Movement speed icon movement speed, bonus health regeneration, and bonus mana regeneration Bonus stats 10/20/30/40 Regen per second 5/10/15/20 This is essentially the effects of the current Singed ult however now it is limited to wherever there is his poison clouds, the problem with the current singed ult is it essentially just gives him a major steroid without a downside and without much in the way of counterplay, this requirement means that he'll be more localized to an area for the benefit. Q - Noxious fumes 40 mana 20 second CD Singed uncorks a poisonous substance and throws it leaving a trail from point to point, the Trail persists for X seconds damaging anybody in the cloud for X(+40% Ap) per second poison on champions lasts 3 seconds Trail persistence 2/4/6/8/10 Base damage 3/6/9/12/15 As opposed to a toggle Singed's Q now requires actually casting meaning no constant poison trails, the upside to this is that he can somewhat decide where to place it, with targeting similar to Viktors E or Rumbles ult this means he can provide some zoning to the team or leave a barrier of fumes when making his escape [ALTERNATIVE POTENTIAL ADDITION] The Fumes block vision for the enemy team and enemies in the trail become nearsighted. W - Mega-Adhesive This remains unchanged E - Body bomb COST: 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 Mana COOLDOWN: 10 Singed places a vial on his target before flinging them behind him 550 units, after a 2 the vial explodes producing a poison cloud and trail behind the target Damage: 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+ 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6% of target's maximum health) (+ 70% AP) For the most part this is still Fling with the difference be is he causes chaos for those he flips, did he get the carry and they still got away? well in their escape they have inadvertently poisoned several of their team, Flung the tank back to their backline? now their tank has forced the carries to reposition to avoid the poison R - Chemical Warfare COST: 100 Mana COOLDOWN: 140/120/100 RANGE: 1500/3000/4500 Singed orders a chemical bombardment onto the battle field he selects 3 areas in a line (Rumble ult style) which blankets the area in poisonous fumes for 2.5/5/7.5 seconds any champion which goes through the cloud leave behind a poison trail for 3 seconds, enemies inside the clouds become nearsighted, the fumes block vision enemies who are in the area when the fumes hit take additional damage - Singed can still move while casting his ult - After first casting Singed has 6 seconds to specify where the other two areas are Initial damage: 100/200/300 (+10% AP) In the lore of the game Singed developed the weapon which was used against the Noxians and Ionians in Riven's backstory, it would only be fitting for him to have access to that weapon in game. Singed ult is about one thing: Chaos, In a teamfight you can zone out or cut off various members of the enemy team, in addition if Singed blankets the entire fight area he can utalize the nearsignt to get in close or send those who escaped back into the fumes. --- The idea with the above kit is to make Singed fight in a more localized area and reward positioning his trails while also keeping his zoning and pushing power, in addition his spells while weak power-wise make up for it with utility such as nearsight and zoning, This singed is about blocking of areas or retreat and causing chaos with his poison, --- New lines Being a rework Singed would need new lines so here's a few I thought up on Being Selected Cyanide? How amateur... Being Banned Fight in your boring traditional ways then... Upon game start A lush landscape, a perfect test bed. I will do to them what I did to Ionia Upon game start with an Ionian on the enemy team I will not leave this job half finished again. Ionian! You shall feel the burn in your lungs! Upon Game start with a Piltovan on the enemy team Piltover...You will feel Zauns wrath Ahh Piltonians, Spoilt little snowflakes... Upon Game start with an enemy riven That girl....she seems...Familiar... Upon game start with an allied Riven I see you have returned after what I have done, Riven. You may hate me Riven but think of what I have done for Noxus Upon game start with an allied Piltoven Do not take my cooperation for submittence Piltoven! We shall work together...for now... Upon Game start with an allied Ionian I probability murdered your entire family...Slowly and painfully...how does that make you feel? Ionians? Urgh.... Movement Mix Mix Swirl Mix They called me mad...until I killed them... The air is too clean...too pure... Time for a jog The poison of wild flowers is always a delight They underestimate my power First Ionian, Then Piltover.... Attacking How about a drink!? Breath deep I suppose the old fashion way has its uses You will drown in a sea of poison! Come on...Let it in.... Attacking an enemy Ionian Guess I'll have to do this myself! IONIAN! Your land will become a wasteland when I am done! Whats one more Ionian corpse!? Attacking an enemy Piltovion Piltover! Your fall begins now! Zuans ascension begins with me! I've always wanted to kill a high ranking Piltoven! Joke (Singed begins mixing a few vials before showing the completed concoction triumphantly before it explodes in a plume of smoke, he coughs and wafts away the smoke) It's very simple apply liquid A to liquid B give it a mix and there you have Liquid C-ARGH! *Coughs* Nevermind I have been making potions for years I can assure you nothing goes wron-URGH! *Coughs* Forget I said anything If you take the correct procedures then making poison is perfectly saf-WHAOH! *Coughs* Ahem perfectly safe Joke near an Ionian (Singed pulls out a vial and shakes it) See this Ionian? Its what killed your family. Oh look what I have here! Why it looks like your tears! Joke near a Riven Here at Singed Corp we're eger to hear your opinion of your most recent gasing I killed your battalion? How would you rate it? Joke near a Piltoven (Singed Crosses his arms and does head movements akin to an eye roll before looking towards the Piltoven) Build on top of a town with poison spewing out of it, real smart there. You call us trash yet you willing built on top of said trash...Idiot... Taunt (Singed uncorks a vial and swirls it around as fumes emit from it) Come closer, it really clears the sinuses. Mmm mmm mmm....Want a taste? A quick death? certainly, a painless death? Certainly not. Taunt an enemy Riven I killed your friends then and I would do it now Miss your comrades? I'll send you to them You may of turned away from your country Riven but your scars won't let you run from me. Taunt an enemy Caitlyn Is that hat hiding a deformity or do you just like looking stupid? I wonder what daddy will think knowing his precious princess died of poison? Taunt an Enemy Vi Punching? How primitive. Behind those gauntlets you are still a scared little girl Taunt an enemy Jinx While I adore your chaos I find your methods dull If you need to cause more death Jinx, you know where to find me Taunt an enemy Ekko You wish to clear up Zaun? By all means...try to stop me You are no superhero Ekko, go back to your slums Taunt an enemy Yasuo An Ionian in Exile? This will be too easy By all means use the wind and spread my chemicals more Taunting an Enemy Janna A wind spirit? I do love a challenge Go ahead Janna, Try to disperse my poison Taunting an enemy Nasus I had a dog once, Interesting test results If you are just going to stand there this will be too easy Taunting an Enemy Karma Aww how cute she thinks this can be talked out Your mantra is no match against my chemical concoctions Taunting an enemy Rakan If it isn't Ionians its tree huggers... Vastayahs...fools to the advancements of other species... Taunting an Enemy Vastyan Vastayah...I don't think I've had one of you as test subjects... I wonder what reaction I will get, Animal or human? Taunting an Enemy Irelia I admire your spirit Irelia but not even magic blades can stop me Such a foolish girl Taunting an Enemy Udyr So will this count for 1 kill or 5? Not even the great guardian can stop me Standing in poison cloud Ahhh, That's the stuff Much better Come on in, the water's fine What doesn't kill you... Using Q Breath in Finger slipped Behold! Tada! Using E Singed Laughs Singed Laughs Singed Laughs Using R On my mark! Fire! Fire! Fire! Commence Bombardment! Blanket the field! Here comes my specialty!
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