[suggestion] Siege set (banner welcome back)

**[ RUNES ]** Siege set **Keystone:** >**[OPTION 1] **You can purchase siege items during game. You can repair tower with own hp. During repairing you lose 30 - 60 hp/s based on level until you have only 1 left (if tower already lost plate, tower can go to full hp, but plate is not repaired). >**[OPTION 2]** You can upgrade your boots at shop to rush boots. **[1.]** >**[OPTION 1] ** Deal +5% dmg to tower. **[OPTION 2] ** Receive -10% dmg of tower. **[OPTION 3] ** Deal bonus 20 true dmg to tower. **[OPTION 4] ** Receive 30 less dmg from tower. **[2.]** >**[OPTION 1] ** In range 500 of ally tower or siege item you gain 15 AF. **[OPTION 2] ** In range 0 of tower or siege item you gain 40 AF. **[3.]** >**[OPTION 1] ** Takes your trinket place and can not be changed. You gain 1 betray item per 100s. Active if your minions in area of 800 is more than enemy then instakill minion (12s cd), otherwise it takes 6s (6s cd). **[OPTION 2] ** Takes your trinket place and can not be changed. You gain 1 betray item per 70s. Upgrade minion. When minion is upgraded song call is called through entire map and cool circle animation of power appears. You can gain 1 of: -All near minions follow focus of that minion. -Minion follow your order for 70s (follow his master out of lane) and all gold gained by this minion is redirected to his master. Minion attack target you attack -Minion gold to enemy become 0. -Gain 100hp -Gain 10 AD and 10% AS -Give minion ability: Active: Minion starts casting powerful spell in next 10s and can not attack during casting time. Spell deal ("Minion attack damage" + "casting time") * "casting time" as true damage. If minion dies before spell is completed deal that amount of damage as normal damage to killer.] **[ ITEMS ]** >Rush boots upgrade: cost 500 gold Rush boots gain 1 "Passive of stacks" right after purchase. >Rush boots: cost 1000gold + boots (Total cost 1300gold) [Passive of stacks: Decrease this item CD by 20s per stack (MAX 5 stacks).] [Passive: You gain 1 move stack near ally tower, 2 stacks for enemy tower, 3 stack for destroyed tower. Each time you gain stack increase duration timer by 4s (MAX 20. If you are near tower location or spawn timer does not decrease. You can not get more that 1 time stacks from 1 tower location). For each stack gain 12MS.] [Active: Your champ appears to enemy team, if you are not visible to them. This effects applies after champion passive (heca passive does not get bonus AD from this effect). Remove all self slow effect during that time. You gain 10MS each 1s this item is active (MAX 9). Your entire AD, AP, armor, MR, AS is converted to MS in ratio: 1 AD = 2.5 MS 1 AP = 2 MS 1 armor = 3 MS 1 MR = 3 MS 0.1 AS = 5 MS >**If you rush into any enemy or neutral object this effect will be disabled and applies: If you rushed into enemy tower, inh. or nexus, that objective takes (1.5 + "Passive of stacks" * 0.2) * "your MS" as true damage and you are stunned for 1s (CD 200s - 150s based on level).** **Banner (item type: siege): cost 2800** >+60 armor +125% base health regeneration +30 magic resistance >[Unique passive: You can buy >>this item stack<< in shop for 100g (max 6).] Active: You can target one of the following ally unit and ally unit gain following effect: >**Melee minion:** +150% hp + 10% * >>this item stack<< hp + 100% if minion has baron buff +40 armor + 6 * >>this item stack<< armor + 20 armor if minion has baron buff +40 MR + 6 * >>this item stack<< MR + 20 MR if minion has baron buff >**Caster minion:** +10 ad + 3 ad * >>this item stack<< + 15 ad if minion has baron buff +150% as + 6% as * >>this item stack<< + 10% as if minion has baron buff >**Siege minion:** Minion gain passive: Is immune to magic damage. +70 ad + 8 ad * >>this item stack<< + 20 ad if minion has baron buff >**Super minion:** Minion gain passive: redirect all damage of minions in range 1200 to self as true damage. +5% hp + 2% * >>this item stack<< + 2% if this minion has baron **zz 2 (item type: siege): cost 300 + zz'rot** >+60 armor +125% base health regeneration +60 magic resistance +10 hp >[Unique passive: Focus is set to: 1st. tower, 2nd. banner minions and 3rd. Voidspwan.] [Unique passive: The first and every 3rd. voidspawn gain 15% of your maximum health as damage.] [Active: Now you can control when zz spawn voidspawn. If it is disabled, then do not spawn voidspawn and zz timer does NOT counting down. Your zz active item timer count down normally. You can place max 3 zz portals (switch has 3s cd).] **zz and zz 2 (current effect override)** >Passive voidspwan deal (20 - 60) + 5 * >>this item stack<< self around magic damage per sec in range 150 based on time left (20 + 5 * >>this item stack<< + 40 * "current voidspawn hp"/ "max voidspawn hp"). After rush into towers deal bonus 30 + 2 * >>this item stack<< true damage.

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