Elise Gameplay Rework Concept

Elise is a great champion with a great concept, but is unfortunately a little bit confused about what she wants to be or do. This gameplay rework focuses Elise down to a seductress jungler spider who keeps her magic - and its arachnid source - a ripe, juicy secret. Preferably, this rework would come with a visual update to Elise's human form. I would much prefer Elise wear some kind of Shadow Isles-themed gown than the tight body suit she currently sports. She's a temptress, not a whore. Main themes of the rework: 1. Elise should be a tempting target. Her clear should leave her low HP, but she should have access to burst healing options and the ability to turn the fight on a much stronger foe if she plays her cards correctly. 2. Elise should not be overtly powerful and high-damage, but instead have her satisfying moments come from subtlety and surprise. 3. Enemies chasing Elise should feel like they have a good chance of catching her, even if they absolutely do not. 4. Elise should spend most of her time in human form and will only use spider form when it's time to get the kill. **NOTE: NUMBERS AND VALUES SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDENT ON BALANCE.** This version of Elise will deal slightly more damage than the live version if everything happens perfectly, and significantly less damage if everything goes wrong. In a similar vein, she has more CC if she can chain her abilities as she desires and less CC if she cannot (all depends on securing the charm). **Passive - Acolyte of the Spider God** Human: Killing minions and monsters in Human Form grants charges of Devotion, up to 10. Champion Takedowns in either form grant maximum charges. Changing forms consumes Devotion to heal Elise for a percentage of her maximum health and mana. Switching from Spider to Human heals double. Spider: Elise heals for 50% of the damage she deals to movement-impaired enemy Champions. **Q - Neurotoxin/Atropos** Human: Elise's next attack is laced with a deadly neurotoxin that deals a percentage of the unit's current health as damage and applies a decaying slow for 2.5 seconds. (2 second cooldown, starts when the attack is launched) Using Neurotoxin on an enemy Champion who is slowed by Neurotoxin charms the enemy for 2.5 seconds and grants a decaying movement speed bonus instead of the slow. (This sets the cooldown to [20/18/16/14/12] seconds instead of 2) Neurotoxins on jungle monsters cause their feeble minds to literally explode, dealing a small amount of extra aoe damage. Spider: Elise leaps to a unit with a powerful bite, dealing magic damage. If the enemy is charmed or Woven, she will inject it with a deadly venom that deals a percentage of the enemy's missing health three times over 1 second. **W - False Blessing/Clotho (alternate name: Weave)** Human: Elise blesses an enemy with Vilemaw's power. After 1.5 seconds, the blessed enemy erupts with [2/4/6/8] spiderlings to attack it, dealing magic damage with their attacks and applying spell effects. Spiderlings deal double damage to Charmed enemies. After 3 seconds of not attacking, Spiderlings will starve and die. Champion basic attacks instantly kill Spiderlings. Spider: Elise channels for 1.25 seconds to weave a web that connects the 2 closest points on nearby walls. Elise gains unrestricted movement while standing on her webs in Spider Form. Elise may cross terrain while standing on her web as long as her exit point is another web and she has been out of combat for at least 2 seconds. Up to 2/4/6/8 webs may be active at a time. Enemies who walk on a web are Woven, a debuff that grounds and slows them for as long as they stand on Elise's web. Using a Spider Form basic attack on an enemy who is Woven, or striking them with either part of Atropos, will envelop them in a cocoon that stuns them for 1.25 seconds. A Woven enemy cannot be stunned by Elise again for 10 seconds. Enemies can walk onto a web and channel to destroy it just like Rek'Sai's tunnels. **E - Lachesis/Atropos (alternate names: Strands of Fate/Web Snap)** Human: Elise casts a slow-moving gossamer shroud over a target area, dealing a moderate amount of magic damage to foes struck by it and blinding them to actions outside of it for 1 second. If Elise is standing on top of a Web, she will throw that instead, relocating the Web to the new position and making it indestructible for 1.5 seconds. After this 1.5 seconds is up, the web will crumble to pieces. Spider: Elise strikes the ground at a nearby target location, then draws sharply back to her original location, dealing magic damage with both strikes. Enemies hit by the first blow are stunned for .5 seconds, and Webs hit by the dash backwards are gathered up, all enemies bundled up within them, and carried to the final location. (Being gathered up in this web counts as being struck by the dash, dealing damage and stunning if applicable). **R - Spider Queen** Passive: Unique Champion takedowns grant Elise permanent magic penetration. Active: Elise changes forms between Human and Spider. **Wow that was a lot of words!** Essentially, new Elise has 2 combos. The first is a human form ganking combo, and the second is a spider form ambush combo. Gank combo: Neurotoxin - False Blessing - Neurotoxin - Spider Queen - Finishing Bite. This combo requires you to get and stay in range to charm the enemy, but the payoff is a juicy kill on those who don't respect Elise's bonus damage to Charmed enemies. For extra fun, team up with a Rakan or Ahri for free Charms - no Neurotoxin required. In a lore-friendly nod, this combo is very rejuvenating for Elise, and she feels as fresh and fancy-free as any young woman ought to. Ambush combo: Clotho - Lachesis - Spider Queen - Atropos - Finishing Bite. Because of Spider Queen's cooldown, using Neurotoxin or False Blessing as part of this combo is mostly fruitless. Set down a web, then throw it atop an unsuspecting enemy and drag them back to your lair to devour them at your leisure with a Finishing Bite. The blind and slow will be more than enough to get into position for a snappy Atropos. For bonus style points, throw the net next to a wall, then cross over the wall to reach your prey and drag them over the wall to your original location. This combo is best executed on solitary enemies, but it works on an area of effect as well. I hope you enjoyed this reconceptualizing of Elise as a seductive assassin jungler who lies in wait for her prey to wander by. I think it is much more fitting for Elise's concept than her current iteration. She loses a significant amount of up-front burst, b
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