petition to give tft it's own client

pretty simple: TFT is not a different game mode, its another TYPE OF GAME MANY REGULAR LEAGUE PLAYERS dont want to see other game modes suffer because riot is putting SO MUCH ATTENTION AND IMPORTANCE TO TFT so pls riot just give it's own client instead of going trough all the problems your creating with the way you wanna force push perma TFT in client here are a few LIVE PROBLEMS we have so far 1- lack of report options and verification for cheaters, afkers, boosters in tft 2-people already asking summoner xp for tft games wich will lead to people with 0 xp in ranked SR to queue up there, thats gonna be fun so in other terms rewards for tft and regular league will be separate and everyone will have to decide if they play LEAGUE or TFT as playing both wont help you get best rewards 3-the number of players playing it(for real) is wrong due to the fact most people only play it for the rewards and also event token grind so unless you look at numbers WHEN NO REWARDS ARE EARNED FOR SAID GAME/GAME MODE your numbers are false represntation fo the reality riot
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