My skin wishlist

I just have too much time at hand right now, so I thought I will just suggest 1 skin for every champion from Piltover and Zaun that I want to see the most for them! __________________________ {{champion:53}} **Jade Golem Blitzcrank** He is an ancient jade golem, possessed by the spirit of a warrior. Belongs in the Warring Kingdoms skin line and is inspired by the terracotta army. {{champion:51}} **Star Guardian Caitlyn** There is a pretty famous concept in the internet for this one, I would love to see something similar happen: The reference of Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is just perfect. Her familiar should be a mouse. {{champion:164}} **Blood Moon Camille** Again, there is a concept for it and it is honestly the best Blood Moon skin concept I have ever seen: {{champion:36}} **Sushi Chef Mundo** Part of the Culinary Masters skin line. Famous for making the best sushi in Runeterra! Let him wield a knife, replace the fireballs for his W with maki rolls. {{champion:245}} **Ghost Hunter Ekko** Part of a new skin line, featuring ghost hunters inspired by the Ghost Busters and he ghosts they are after. {{champion:81}} **Count Ezreal** He doesn't have a Halloween skin yet and I thought that the new, more lighthearted Count skin line could work well for him, making him a handsome young vampire. {{champion:74}} **Omega Squad Heimerdinger** Making him the prime engineer of the Omega Squad, with machine gun turrets and an oldschool grenade. {{champion:40}} **Odyssey Janna** Making her an ora priestess just like Sona. She could use a scifi-skin. {{champion:126}} **Infernal Jayce** He becomes a demonic creature with fire powers. Uses a molten hammer that lets him shoot fireballs, W in melee form creates a firestorm around him. {{champion:222}} **Missile Maiden Jinx** Part of the Bullet Angel skin line, she is wearing an exo-skeleton. Asymmetric, having one arm as a rocket launcher, one as a mini gun and a shoulder cannon as a taser. Would be great for a legendary tier skin. {{champion:61}} **Star Guardian Orianna** Another Star Guardian for Caitlyn's team. She is a veteran and got injured in duty, so the first star had to replace her entire body with a new, magical, artificial body. Her familiar is an armadillo that functions as her ball. {{champion:27}} **Zombie Singed** I think this is pretty much self explanatory. {{champion:29}} **Firecracker Twitch** This one is most likely happening soon, to celebrate the year of the rat in the next lunar revel. Can't wait to see it, Twitch would work great with firecracker animations. {{champion:6}} **Mafia Urgot** That this concept isn't reality already is a shame: {{champion:254}} **Star Guardian Vi** And another member for the next Star Guardian squad. She is Caitlyn's best friend/love interest in that universe and her familiars are 2 rams transforming into her gauntlets. Tomboyish and always wants to have a brawl. {{champion:112}} **Secret Boss Viktor** The typical optional boss in video games, even more powerful than Veigar. {{champion:19}} **Elderwood Warwick** Old forest god, got corrupted over time and is now hunting humans to protect the woods. {{champion:154}} **Guardian of the Sands Zac** His body is made out of sands and he gets Shuriman ornaments. {{champion:115}} **Dragon Breeder Ziggs** His bombs are replaced with dragon eggs of different species.
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