Champion Concept: Qaz, The Arcane Abomination

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion *Concept* Spotlight, featuring Qaz, The Arcane Abomination. **PLAYSTYLE AND SKINS** Once a young wandering mage having abandoned his home in search of greater freedoms, Zaqari Albright came across an old archmage on a journey, and the two became fast friends. That is, until the day their travels led them to battle with a group of shady, bio-magically augmented ruffians. They knocked out Zaqari and kidnapped him, bringing them to their master. For months, Zaqari was experimented on, horrifically warping his psyche and his being into a creature of malice and unfathomable arcane power. Murdering his captors and breaking free, the horrific abomination set himself loose into the world. Now nothing more than a living magiweapon without a master or a place in the world, Zaqari adopted the name of Qaz (for reasons you can guess) and he now roams the world, leaving destruction in his wake, although some wonder if there aren't still traces of Zaqari left inside... On the Rift, Qaz functions as a CC-heavy battlemage, modifying his own spells at will to twist the outcome of a fight. He may eat through mana quick, but his arsenal of slows and stuns make him a force to be reckoned with when the time is right. Skins: -Candy Monster Qaz -Snow Day Qaz -Mechani-Qaz **ABILITIES** Passive: Arcane Rupturing After casting 3 spells, Qaz’s next spell or basic attack deals bonus damage based on his max mana. Q: Spellbolt 45 Mana Qaz fires off a charge of arcane energy that deals damage to the first enemy champion struck. If another Q, a W, or an E is cast during the windup, Spellbolt is Warped, changing its properties. All Warped spells cost the combined mana of both components. Spellbolt Warps itself into Double Burst. QQ: Double Burst 45x2 Mana A modified Spellbolt that deals bonus damage and has bonus range. W: Arcane Impulse 60 Mana Qaz lobs a ball of energy to a target location. Any enemy hit takes damage, is slowed, and is knocked towards Qaz. This ability Warps Spellbolt into Mana Vortex. QW: Mana Vortex 45 + 60 Mana An energy orb that detonates on the first enemy hit in an AoE. Hitting an enemy champion creates a slow field which then implodes, dealing damage and applying a heavier slow. E: Scintillation 75 Mana Qaz blasts the area directly in front of him with magic, stunning and damaging anyone inside the area of effect. Scintillation Warps Spellbolt into Resonant Spark. QE: Resonant Spark 35 + 75 Mana Qaz fires a short-range energy beam. If it collides with an enemy, the excess energy pulses outwards in a cone shape. R: Darklight Ruination 100 Mana Qaz channels, generating a massive ball of power while increasing the ability’s range and damage. Upon release of the button or second cast, Qaz launches the energy orb at the target location. When it lands, the ball explodes, dealing massive damage and turning the area of impact into a Ruination Zone. Ruination Zones last for 3 minutes and lower the Movement Speed and Magic Resist of anyone inside. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that is my first Champion concept complete! Sorry for not including numbers, I'm just not good at figuring those out. Feel free to suggest your own, though! This champ was heavily inspired by {{champion:13}} and {{champion:43}} , as well as some slight inspiration from fighting games, as they gave me the idea for a mage who can completely change his own spells using button combos. As for the character himself, I thought a mage corrupted by arcane experiments gone horribly wrong would be a cool idea, and making him look half-human, half magic-energy-monster would be a perfect fit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **EDIT LOG** 10/20/19: Initial posting 10/23/19: Reworked passive (now uses Qaz’s Mana, not the enemy’s), added Mana values
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