The League needs another archer.

Champions wielding a bow are : * Ashe : nature related scout & tracker * Varus : long range precision sniper * Kindred : agile hunter with pet +Among these, Varus & Kindred have sort of magical arrows (that's not the point, but still) I’m not including Twitch, Vayne & Quinn who wield crossbows (that said, unlike the 2 others, Quinn is a ranger) In comparison, 8 champions use a gun (Graves, Caitlyn, Corki, Jhin, Jinx, Lucian, MF, Tristana. I’m not including GP, Jayce & Urgot) 
Now where is the archer I’ve always wanted to play ? I’m 100% sure Riot would nail the archetype. I’m talking about **the rogue archer, the agile and discrete one** (Somehow no ranger is related to stealth in LoL, idk why) **Edit2** (quoting myself for precision) : The champion I want approaches its prey with catlike stealth and choses the best option to execute them, from a distance. I’m talking about this dude (from the TESO cinematic), or this dude (from Thief) It can also be a dudess obviously. Am I delusional or what ? Please tell me *** **Edit** : To be clear, I'm talking specifically about the traditional ranger archetype mixed with the rogue one In terms of archetype, Vayne is closer to Lucian imo = demon hunters Twitch is more of an ambush frenetic shooter
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