Riot, give me an Abathur clone from HoTS. A Champion that sits in base all game

Title, give me a champ that sits in base, and does work from afar. buffing minions, sending out zergs, buffing champs, shielding the base, setting up defenses, etc. Would be such a cool change of pace. For those who don't know, Abathur is a Heroes of the Storm hero which sits in base (pretty much, but is able to move around and switch lanes incredibly fast) To help shove those lanes. He can spawn basically mega minions to push and do damage while he's safe in his little cocoon. I think riot could make an awesome champ off this concept, maybe setting up small barriers/walls in the entrances, sending out Super Super minions, maybe his ult is a global buff, who knows? Theres so much potential. Thoughts on the idea?
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