Idea for new Skin theme: "BYPRODUCT" or "PRODUCT"

So, I figure because there's PROJECT and PROGRAM skins for champions with a certain play style, and the concept of these skins is futuristic technology, I was thinking how we can make other champions get a futuristic feel. And because both variations for creation begin with "PRO" then "PRODUCT", another variation of "creation", seems like a good fit. But instead of the high-tech flash, maybe more the oozy, radioactive tech-waste. Champions like: have nice kits that could splash well with ooze-like art. {{champion:223}} (needs a new skin anyways; PRODUCT: Kench has an ooze tongue and oozes across the map with his ult) {{champion:57}} (PRODUCT: Maokai splashes his ooze fist, oozes to enemies, throws oozlings, and his ult is radioactive.. ooze) {{champion:32}} (PRODUCT: Amumu throws his ooze to cling to enemies, oozes extreme radiation, and stuns enemies with a bright radioactive flash of light) and I was thinking that this champion should get a PROJECT skin: {{champion:9}} for kind of obvious reasons..
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