Ventrillo, The Puppet Master (Champion Idea)

**Ventro, the Puppet Master** _(Name Change)_ **_Background_** With some background to the idea of the champion, Ventro’s kit is based on switching between him and his puppet. His puppet is an ap assassin, whereas Ventro himself is an ap tank. I’ll explain. When he presses r, he roots himself to a spot, and his abilities toggle (like Jayce or Nidalee), and you take control of his puppet. This puppet has a certain range in which it can travel from Ventro, and takes damage if it goes too far. Ventro also takes similar damage to what his puppet takes, in terms of % of hp (like Illaoi E). Now that I have laid a basis for the champion, I will go more in-depth as to what the abilities are. _**Abilities**_ Passive – The Puppet As Ventro’s puppet takes damage, so does he, at half of the percentage of health that the puppet loses (eg. If the puppet dies, then Ventro would be at 50% health). Ventro's puppet can take damage while he is by his side. Ventro’s puppet follows close behind. When Ventro is below 50% health and does not have his puppet deployed, the puppet passively heals Ventro (up to 50% max health) after being out of combat for ~10 seconds. Ventro’s puppet applies on-hit effects. Q – String Root / Puppet Swing (CD: 14, 14, 12, 12, 10) Ventro Form (String Root, _Skillshot_): Ventro swings his puppets strings, rooting and dealing damage to the first enemy hit, and pulling them toward him. Enemies standing behind the first target take magic damage. Puppet Form (Puppet Swing, Dash): Ventro whips the puppet strings, moving the puppet in any direction up to 3 times. W – Tuck and Run / Puppet’s Influence (CD: Unique) Ventro Form (Tuck and Run)(CD 18, 16, 16, 14, 14): Ventro hides his puppet, making it unable to take damage for 5 seconds. He also gains 30% movement speed for 3 seconds. Puppet Form (Puppet’s Influence) (CD: 6, 6, 4, 4, 3): The puppet holds blades that can be stored for up to 2 charges. They cleave around him in a half circle and applies on hit effects. This attack deals more damage the lower the enemies health is. E – Do It Myself / Independence (CD: 18, 17. 16, 16, 16) Ventro Form (Do It Myself): (Passive) Ventro's attacks deal extra magic damage on-hit. (Active) Ventro gains 25/32.5/40/47.5/55% attack speed for 5 seconds. Puppet Form (Independence): Travel as far as you want from Ventro without taking damage for (4,4,5,6,7) seconds. R – Deploy / Undeploy (CD: Unique) Ventro Form (Deploy): Ventro deploys his puppet, cloaks himself with a protective shield, and roots himself. (CD: 30 upon the return of the puppet) Puppet Form (Undeploy): Ventro pulls his puppet back to him, and gains his ability to move. (CD: 0) When Ventro's puppet dies, its cooldown doubles.
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