Boxer Vi (Oficial Wallpaper and information about the project)

Pajaaa18 - Twitch Support for Artist You too can now take part in the vote of the big Boxer Vi project to show your feelings.
Let me introduce myself, I am an art collector and a supporter of gifted artists. I decided to agree on a project that would appreciate larger sections of people. What is the project? It's a wallpaper project for the League of Legends, and choose such wallpapers for championships that fit the skin and are something interesting or interesting. And now, in agreement with the professional artist Dzikawa, who goes to Twitch just a few days ago, she made her first piece. Of course it was not a cheap affair, but what I would not do for the Legend and the artists. I gave the artist Dzikawa a backup to 2 wallpapers so far, the second one should be launched sometime in April, but I will let the information about the second project and let us focus on the project already released. The Boxerka Vi project was really a thought of coincidence. I've been thinking of championships that do not have a certain skin and who have earned their attention. Still, I think you are one of the popular junglers, and when I looked at her fists, I simply said that they could have boxers right there. He is a figure whose strength lies in the fist, so let me all explain how Riot Games have not yet given Boxer Vi when there is something similar to Lee Sina and it's not a fist master but a kick master. Thanks to this post, I want to make it clear that you really deserve this skin and to express your opinions, I will create a polka for you to appreciate this wallpapper. In return, I ask all fans for this wallpapper to spread further. Share with friends, on different sites or servers. This work needs to be made visible and I will be very grateful to all of you for your cooperation. {{champion:254}} Information about the artist Dzikawa can be found on her stream: Here you can vote:
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