New Xerath Legendary Skin Concept - Xerath Noir

Hey everyone! My name is Yur Mahm. I have been playing since S4 and I have always been fond of a certain champion: Xerath {{champion:101}} . I just find him to be an extremely fun champion to play and have always thought his design to be really cool. Much to my dismay, however, Xerath's collection of skins is very few and far between, with Xerath's last skin released being Guardian of the Sands Xerath in 2015 (a whole 4 years ago what?!) With this disappointing news for Xerath's skins, I took to brainstorming an idea for a Xerath skin that can breathe life into the champion as well as his aesthetics, and possibly create a brand new avenue for a whole new line of skins in the future! My idea is Xerath Noir. Now I am a big fan of film noir and I feel like that whole theme has not really been explored all that much (unless you count the mafia skins which are only partially related). Combining this fresh idea with a champion that has not received love in so long would be a perfect addition to the game. The skin would vaguely resemble The Question from the DC comics (as seen below), with a trench-coat and fedora all in black and white to match the aesthetic of film noir. []( The idea has not been fleshed out more than much brainstorming (If I had any drawing capabilities I would have drawn my rendition of the skin), but I thought they were ideas that were good enough to share with the community. And hey, if someone out there likes this idea as much as I do with artistic ability, maybe they can draw the rendition for a more full concept. Anyways, without further ado here are my ideas for the skin: Mana Surge (P): Holds magnifying glass to his eye when Mana Surge is up. *DISCLAIMER ABOUT Q* I understand that references to tobacco are really strict in China, and have now realized that the cigar just won't fly with Tencent. If anyone has an idea as to an alternative idea for the Q that would be amazing! I have thought about replacing the cigar with file folders/evidence or maybe even something like a liquid (coffee that he drinks from a cup and spits out) or a smokescreen to replace the original idea I had for the Q but feedback would be great. I just included the original idea I had for Q here because it was the most thought-out version of an idea for the Q. Arcanopulse (Q): Xerath inhales a cigar when charging Arcanopulse and the smoke he blows out is the activation of the Arcanopulse. If Xerath cancels it, he instead coughs out the smoke. Eye of Destruction (W): Xerath pulls a lamp switch that appears right next to him and an interrogation light appears on the target location rather than an energy beam. Shocking Orb (E): Xerath throws out his business card instead of the shocking orb. Rite of the Arcane (R): Xerath’s hat along with his business card, a cigar, a newspaper, a lamp, etc swirls around him as his trench coat flutters in the wind. Xerath pulls out a magnifying glass and puts it to his eye. The blasts then shoot from his magnifying glass and land at the target locations. Recall (B): Xerath recalls by pulling out newspaper and leaning against a lightpost before crumpling it up and throwing the newspaper away. Homeguards: Xerath drives an old fashioned automobile. Now that I have gone through all of the abilities and other animations such as recall and homeguards, here is a list of voice-lines for the skin that I have come up with over the course of brainstorming this skin idea. As far as the actual delivery of these voice-lines, I thought of changing Xerath's echoey ghost-like booming voice for a rather subtle detective voice, as it would fit the skin and offer Xerath players with a fresh new alternative to the same few voice-lines they've been hearing since 2011. Quotes: Joke- In pursuit of the culprit I stopped to buy a calendar for myself. Now both our days our numbered. (I have not come up with any special joke interactions/joke responses so suggestions are welcome!) Taunt- (it would probably be some sort of zinger that you would hear any witty detective saying, but as for Xerath I'm not quite sure what that would be yet! I also have not come up with any special taunt interactions/taunt responses so once again suggestions are welcome!) Walking- I’ve got a lead. I’m on the case. You can’t even fathom what I am. I need more evidence. In pursuit. P- Your case file is huge. *Q DISCLAIMER these voice-lines were made for the original idea I had for the Q which as of late can no longer really be acceptable for the game so if anyone has any voice-line ideas for one of the other Q ideas I had I'd love to hear them!)* Q- Looks like they got smoked. Here’s MY smoking gun. Q Cancel- I really need to quit. On second thought. W- What do you know? I have a few questions for you. What did you witness? Where were you on this date? E- Here’s my card. You might need this. Give me a call. R- I’ve got all the evidence I need. Don’t think you can escape me. I’ve caught you red-handed. Recall: Everyone wants answers that I’m not ready to give. I’ll be back for more clues. This investigation isn’t quite over just yet. Close, but no cigar. Death: This isn’t over. You’ll get the justice you deserve. Guess this was just a dead end after all. Kill: Crime doesn’t pay. Just another case solved. Case closed. What was your plan here? Shut Down: I’ve been lookin’ for you. You’re quite the wanted character aren’t you? Enemy killing spree- Hm. A repeat offender. Looks like this'll be my toughest case so far. Spawning: Shurima: city of angels, city of devils. Special interactions: Skarner: Skarner, I hear you’re lookin for a lost family. Kassadin: Another missing family member case huh? Kaisa: Did the little girl lose her daddy again? Malzahar: Rumor has it that you killed an entire city. Care to explain your actions? Nasus: (none so far but he would definitely have one for Nasus) Renekton: (again none so far but he would also definitely have one for Renekton) Azir: You can’t escape me forever. You were the one that started it all. I’ll never forgive you for what you did to me. Good Shuriman champs: What’s this? Must be another one of Azir’s lackeys. Sona: I have ways of making you talk. Neeko: She quickly comes up with a.... disguise.... Definitely Not Skins: I’m lookin’ for someone named (insert champion wearing skin so Blitzcrank, Udyr, or Vel'koz)______. Know anyone like that? Mafia Skins: (I don't know what he would say to the champs with Mafia skins but I feel like it would be appropriate to include interactions for them.) And there you have it! Those are my ideas for a skin that I'm genuinely excited talking about. Let me hear what you think! Feel free to share this if you think this is a good idea! Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Again, I really wish I could show you exactly my vision for it but alas I have no artistic ability and am unable to. But maybe that's where someone else could come in if they mess with my vision! -Yur Mahm
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