Neko Neeko

I got incredibly bored and was thinking about skins that would just be silly, cute and funny. This is something that has been on my mind for about a week now as I've been playing Neeko, and I figured I'd share it. This is my basic doodle of it. I guess the basic concept is Neeko... _As a Neko._ I figured a cute little maid outfit with cat ears, bows, and a tail would be adorable for her as a skin. I truly think she's one of the cutest champions Riot has ever released even though mentally, she hurts me. Some of the staples of her design are: -Her redesigned tail -Her cat paw gloves -Frilly apron (too cute for her own good) -Maid cat ear headband -LOTS OF BOWS I'm not particularly the best with particles or thinking of their designs but I'd imagine her Q having cute little cats spout out of the ground, her E being pink and frilly, and her ult having some of those similar effects. I'd change the regular pattern in her ult radius to have little cat heads though. **neeko too cute riot pls delete**

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