MY star guardian skin ideas.

Star guardian Annie,Ekko,fizz,nunu,taliyah and star mother kayle
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star guardian - **Annie, Fizz, Ekko, Taliyah, and Nunu** along with start mother - **Kayle** star mother is not to be confused with the first star, first star is older and more powerful. kayle is training a new recruit of junior star guardians, and making sure they wont be lost to the corrupted stars lead by her corrupted sister, morgana. kayle and morgana were the first star guardians created buy the first star, they dawn the only white star (kayle) and the black star (morgana) morgana became corrupted by their younger brother who turned away from the star guardians and became the first corrupted star. ps: if this conflicts with any of the existing SG lore i apologize because i dont read the lore. tell me what you guys think, do you prefer this over what we got?
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