Tear upgrade for supports

{{item:3070}} + {{item:3114}} + 800g = 2450g 250 (+750) mana 50% mana regen 10% cdr 10% heal and shield power Unique passive - Awe - Grants out of combat movement speed equal to 2% of maximum mana. Refund 15% of mana spent. (second unique acquired when stacked) - there are many different things that could be used here. One example that I think would be cool is: Unique toggle - someone name me - Double mana spent but shields and heals also apply to one other nearby ally prioritizing the lowest health ally in range (not yourself, 33% effect on AoE). 2 second toggle cooldown. _Note for anyone confused. The toggle cooldown of 2 seconds is to avoid quickly activating it and turning it off only when using heal/shield abilities. This will force you to think carefully about the mana costs of your other abilities and if you will need to use those within 2 seconds of using your shields and heals._ Example of 33% effect share would be Soraka ults and heals her entire team for 600 a piece. This means she heals herself for 600 and the 600 heal on her team would also bounce to one other ally for an extra 200 increasing the total heal from 3,000 to 3,800. 600 of the extra heal can all target one ally if everyone is in range of that ally with their 200 going to someone else. ######Edited error in my example. Edit - I removed the movement speed only being acquired once fully stacked. The item would have been pointless to spend the 800g to finish until it is fully stacked if that limitation was there.
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