Amumu and Kindred Theory

Hi, I was watching the Amumu video and came up with a possible crossed storyline with Kindred. It started when I noticed that Amumu's curse takes the form of a wolf at the start (Kindred) and how there is a lot of scattered arrows that seem to catch your attention in it (Kindred). Now in his lore, Amumu has three tales that is not confirmed to be true or not. But I found that I lean more towards the first one with this theory. Amumu was the boy of a wealthy family, and upon exploring he came across Kindred. Since he is a young boy, his curiosity got the better of him and he approached them. Kindred asked him his signature question "would he prefer his arrow or the wolf?" And not knowing what was the meaning behind this, he stated wolf because he thought he was cooler. Now, the wolf loves the hunt and to torment his victims. So I believe the flesh-eating disease could have been inflicted by the Wolf (possibly by a bite?). Eventually, Amumu's family start to die one by one, leaving Amumu left (torment). Now, when the servant girl comes to hug Amumu after the death of his final brother, she too gets it and dies. Her grandmother, clearly not happy, then curses Amumu to live alone forever. So when Kindred finally comes to end his hunt, he thinks Amumu is "dead". Hence the coffin and chains at the start (represents royalty and perhaps the chains were done by the people in belief it would contain the disease). Now that Kindred realises he is not dead, his hunt begins again. Thus, taking the form of Amumu's curse in the video and "tormenting" him as the Wolf of Kindred desires. I do realise that the Amumu video does predate the release of Kindred but I think it could be foreshadowing them. Especially at the end scene when the curse seems to be smoke of black and white, Kindred's colours.

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