Revision for Project Skin and possibly Akali as well.

The problem they have with Jinx skin: it have too be very different from Odyssey. I suppose that's why they choose to integrate PowPow in her right arm and go for the half-mask. But it don't fit Jinx. One of her main feature is her eyes who are hidden and her too many weapon. And they choose not to give her a full cyborg body. The fan-art give her an hoodies with full cyborg face or a mask over her mouth (to keep her eyes). * Not sure what to think of this skin for Jinx... I was exited for it but then saw the actual teaser skin and was disappointed. And I know it was a concept from an artist but still. * Yeah, Jinx's entire point is her character. Without it, she's just an unsexy-gunslinger in a world of sexy everything. Every skin keeps her character in tact, this one turns her into a robot. Riot will make money by killing Jinx a little.
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