League of legends Fan made Card Game

UPDATED LINK WITH 50 CARDS!!! https://imgur.com/gallery/8BxTtaI Hello :D It's been a really long time since i posted on boards and here i am back with some really spicy things :) I've been working on this for a long time now and i think that i have finally fleshed out the concept of the game and the overall design! Its feel is inspried by many other cardgames like my old canceled cardgame (lol) pokemon magic the gathering and yugioh. I hope that you like it! It's a deck collectable cardgame made for two players with many aspects of the game brought into it! **RULES:** -WHAT YOU NEED: A deck, a coin, a die and a friend :) -DECK BUILDING: Fairly simple: you must have at least 40 cards in your deck, you can have as many mana cards as you want, (only 1 mana card per turn can be used) you can't have more than 3 copies of the same card and you can only have 1 copy of a skin (more on that later). You must have 6 buildings' cards (3 towers, 1 inhib, 1 nexus) and they can be customized. -PACE OF THE GAME: The game starts by deciding who goes first by flipping a coin. Draw 7 cards and start blowing your opponent's base up! You have energy to use that limits the amount of cards you can play (5 energy each turn). So it goes: ROUND1- player 1 turn -player2 turn ROUND2 player 1 turn -player2 turn ... **FIELD:** - Buildings pile: A place where buildings will be placed face up in the correct order: tower, tower , inhib, tower, nexus. - Draw pile: Is your deck - Hands: Your hand and your enemy's - Discard pile: Where you put discarded cards. - Field card: Where you put the field card. - Active champion: 1 place for each player. - Benched champions: 5 for each player and they are placed behind the active champion. **HOW TO PLAY: ** - At the beginning of the first turn draw 7 cards. After that, you draw 1 card at the beginning of each turn. - You have 5 energy each turn ( some cards allow you to gain more or less) - Each card costs from 1 to 5 energy. You can summon **champions** onto the field as active champions or benched. First champion summoned will be the active champion. Each time you summon a champion you can place it face down to hide it from your opponent or to activate his ability. You can also boost your champion by summoning **skins**. Skins require the normal champion to be already summoned (unless otherwise is said) and have different attacks abilities and stats. Skinlines work together and boost each other. You can play 1 **mana card** per turn (unless an ability states otherwise). You can also play **summonerspells** and **field cards** (only 1 field card may be activated, once a new on is placed discard the other one). You can also purchase items with gold that is gained from champions (more on that later) or towers (top left) or other special cards or abilities. - The active champion is usually the main target that receives and deals damage, although that may change from a champion to another. **CARDS** https://imgur.com/ORcX1MG https://imgur.com/a/uPur9X2 **-CHAMPION CARDS-** https://imgur.com/R5CR3uj **-SKIN CARDS-** https://imgur.com/NDgQM3y **-MANA CARDS-** https://imgur.com/Gfifl94 **-SUMMONER SPELLS-** https://imgur.com/nugTwuA **-BUILDING CARDS-** https://imgur.com/Gfifl94 FIRST TWO DECKS WILL BE SKINLINE FOCUSED : PROJECT VS PROGRAM I have over 50 cards right now but I'm struggling to upload them because of my internet's crappy upload speed. I'm going to try to upload a couple each night so make sure to come back every now and then! **NEED HELP: If you're an artist that can make ability icons then I'll be very thankful if you can help me out**
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